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Red Heart LED Sunglasses


❤️ Ignite a spark with vibrant red LED colors that promise to make your presence known and heart felt at any gathering or late-night stroll. 🚥❤️

❤️ Equipped with two CR2032 batteries that are easily replaceable, ensuring your light shines on through countless evenings and events. 🔁🔋

❤️ Generously sized at 7 inches by 6 inches with a depth of 2.5 inches, these shades are a bold expression of love and fun. 📏❤️️

❤️ Simple operation with a button behind the earpiece, these Red Heart LED Shades are user-friendly and ready to party at a moment’s notice. 🎉👓

❤️ Three dynamic LED functions to match the rhythm of your heart: an energetic flash, a playful blink, or a glowing steady. 💓🚨

❤️ Perfect for the heartthrobs and the fashion-forward, these glasses add a touch of whimsy and romance to any outfit. 💕👗

❤️ Make a statement at festivals, concerts, or parties, with a heart-shaped silhouette that stands out in the crowd. 🎶🕶️

❤️ Not just for Valentine’s Day, these glasses are the ideal accessory for making everyday moments a little more special. 💝🗓️

❤️ Let love lead the way with illumination that’s both a conversation starter and a personal safety feature in low light. 🗣️🔦

❤️ Bring a smile to faces with a novelty design that’s as much about spreading joy as it is about style. 😄💘

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.99
3-5 $3.94
6-11 $3.89
12-47 $3.84
48-95 $3.79
96-239 $3.69
240-479 $3.59
480-959 $3.49
960+ $3.39

Hola! I’m Chico, the Red Heart LED Sunglasses that will steal your heart faster than a cupid’s arrow. 😍🏹 Ready to add a spark to your look? I’m the talk of the town every Valentine’s Day, but why limit the love? With me, every day’s a reason to shine bright like a romance novel’s cover! ❤️💡

At a whopping 7 inches by 6 inches, and with a side profile of 2.5 inches, I’m the big-hearted accessory you can’t miss. Powered by two CR2032 batteries, I’m not just a fling; I’m ready for the long haul. And don’t worry, when my energy dims, just swap those batteries out and we’re back in the passionate game. 🔋❤️‍🔥

Flick the switch behind my earpiece, and I’ll take you through a love cycle of LED functions – a rapid flash to get the pulse racing, a sultry blink for that slow dance vibe, or a steady glow to set the mood. 💖🚨

Not just for your Valentine’s shenanigans, I’m the perfect wingman for any occasion that needs a touch of red-hot style. Beach parties, night runs, or even those days when you feel extra fabulous and want the world to know – I’ve got you covered. 🌴🌃

So grab a pair of Chico, and let’s turn heads together. With my vibrant red LEDs, we’ll be the heartbeat of every party. Because who said love isn’t a little showy, right? Let’s make every moment heart-stoppingly brilliant. 💘🎆