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Non Light Up Hawaiian Flower Christmas Lei Necklace Red Green


  • 🌺 Embrace the holiday spirit with Leah, a lush 36-inch long lei of vibrant red and green, perfectly capturing the festive cheer without needing any batteries. 🎄
  • 🏖️ Handcrafted with a Hawaiian twist, this non-light-up lei brings a tropical Christmas vibe to your winter wardrobe, complete with fabric flowers. 🌴
  • 🤗 No illumination required for Leah to stand out; her bold colors and generous length make a statement at any seasonal soiree or beachside bash. 🎉
  • 🎅 Ideal as a joyful stocking stuffer or party favor, Leah’s charming design is a gift that fits all without the need for light-up features. 🎁
  • 🌊 Crafted for comfort and style, Leah’s fabric flowers are soft against the skin, making it easy to wear all day at any festive gathering. 🥳
  • 💃 With a one-size-fits-all approach, Leah’s 36″ loop sits comfortably, offering a splash of Christmas color to guests of all ages and sizes. 📐
  • 🎓 Perfect for high school dances or college parties, this lei requires no power, allowing for uninterrupted celebration and dance-offs. 🕺
  • 🌴 Transport yourself to a Hawaiian holiday paradise with Leah’s lei, merging traditional island beauty with Christmas hues for a unique accessory. 🎉
  • 🛍️ No hassle, no fuss, Leah is a ready-to-wear Christmas accessory that doesn’t demand anything more than your festive spirit. 🚫🔋
  • 🎄 Whether attending a December luau or a cozy family gathering, Leah’s red and green lei is your go-to for an instant touch of yuletide joy. ❄️
Quantity Price
1-5 $1.29
6-11 $1.27
12-59 $1.24
60-119 $1.19
120-359 $1.17
360-719 $1.14
720-1439 $1.12
1440-2879 $1.09
2880+ $1.07

🌺 Aloha, holiday revelers! I’m Leah, your festively fabulous Green & Red Flower Necklace, bringing a touch of Hawaiian warmth to your winter celebrations! 🎄

🌴 Imagine a December luau where I’m the star of the show, draped around your neck, swaying to the jingles and mingles of holiday cheer. No batteries required, folks! 🏖️

📏 At a lei-surely length of 36″, I’ll fit all merry-makers, jingle-bell rockers, and eggnog enthusiasts. Wrap me around once, twice, or thrice for a custom fit! 🤗

🎉 Whether you’re grooving at a high school dance or bringing secret Santa vibes to college parties, I’m your non-light-up sidekick for all the festive fun. 🎓

💃 I’m easy on the wallet too—think of me as the budget-friendly cousin to those high-maintenance, light-up necklaces. 🤑

🎁 Not just a pretty adornment, I’m the perfect stocking stuffer or party favor. Share the love and the aloha spirit without breaking the bank. 🎅

🥳 Ideal for winter events or just sprucing up that ugly Christmas sweater, I’m all about making spirits bright and pockets light. ✨

🤙 So hang loose and hang ten, or just hang me around your neck for an instant holiday upgrade. No plugs, no switches, just pure, unadulterated festivity. 🌊

🎈 Pick me, Leah, and let’s make this holiday season one to remember—with all the charm of a Hawaiian Christmas and none of the fuss. 🏝️

👋 Say goodbye to tangled lights and hello to hassle-free holiday swagger. With me, you’re always ready to party, from sandy beaches to snowy streets. 🌨️

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