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Happy New Year Non-light up Paper Horns Holiday Noisemaker Pack of 6


📣Eco-consciously designed for acoustic fun, these horns don’t require batteries, just your breath of celebration. 🍃

📣Perfectly sized at 1.5 inches by 8 inches, they fit comfortably in your hand ready to bring in the New Year with a blast. 🎺

📣With no light-up distractions, these paper horns keep the New Year’s tradition alive and visually stunning. ✨

📣A convenient pack of six ensures that you and your friends can form a chorus of jubilation as the clock strikes midnight. 🕛

📣The classic black with golden stars design heralds a night of elegance and timeless festivities. ⭐️

📣Each horn is a declaration of joy, boldly stating “Happy New Year” to all within earshot. 📢

📣Their simple yet robust construction promises to be the durable soundtrack to your year-end celebration. 🎊

📣Designed for revelers of all ages, they’re the perfect party favor to include everyone in the fun. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

📣No frills, no fuss, just the pure, unadulterated joy of making noise as you welcome a fresh start. 🎉

📣Sold in convenient quantities of six, you can easily stock up for a grandiose ensemble effect. 📣

Quantity Price
1-7 $1.09
8-17 $1.08
18-47 $1.07
48-95 $1.06
96-191 $1.05
192-250 $1.02
251-458 $0.99
459+ $0.98

🎉 Hey there, I’m Sabae, your friendly neighborhood New Year’s horn, here to escalate the cheer as we zoom into the new year! My dimensions are a handy 1.5″ x 8″, perfect for a comfortable grip as you serenade the future with joyful noise. 📣

🌟 Decked out in an elegant black with golden stars, I wear the night sky on my sleeve, or more accurately, on my body, with “Happy New Year” emblazoned to show off your festive spirit without a single blink of light needed. ✨

😂 Ready to be the conductor of fun? I’m sold in packs of six because why party solo when you can form a symphony of celebration with friends? Let’s make some memories one toot at a time! 🎶
🚫 Forget the fancy tech! I’m a paper horn, proud and loud. I don’t need to light up; I light up the room with laughter and good vibes. So, let’s keep it simple and real as we wave goodbye to the old year. 🎆
💃 Vintage fun in a modern era, I’m all about bringing back the timeless tradition of making noise as the countdown begins. It’s retro, it’s chic, it’s Sabae! 🎉

🎶 As the clock ticks down, get ready to pucker up and give me a blow that’ll send your wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity soaring into the sky. I’m not just a horn; I’m a harbinger of joy! 🌠
🤣 I’m here to remind you that fun doesn’t need batteries, apps, or even Wi-Fi. Just a good ol’ lungful of air and a heart full of hope for the new year. Let’s make some traditional noise! 🔊

👯‍♂️ Bring me along to your shindigs, your soirees, and your elegant affairs. I’m versatile like that! With Sabae in hand, every guest becomes an integral part of the New Year’s Eve orchestra. 🥂

📜 No need for instructions or assembly. I’m as easy as it gets – just uncap and play. Perfect for partygoers of all ages, from the little ones eager for noise to the grown-ups ready to cheer. 🧒👵

🍾 Whether you’re indoors, counting down until the ball drops, or outside, watching the fireworks, I’m your trusty