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Pack of 12 Happy New Year LED Tiara Assorted Pink or Blue Feathers


✨Sold in increments of 12. Celebrate with a burst of orange LED lights, ensuring your New Year’s Eve is as bright as the fireworks in the sky. 🍊🎇

✨Keep the party going strong; these tiaras come with three AG3 batteries that are easily replaceable for extended fun. 🔋✨

✨Designed to fit most, the tiaras cater to small to medium-sized adults, stretching for a perfect royal fit. 👑📏

✨Flaunt your style with feathers in shades of pink or blue, perfect for adding a splash of color to your New Year’s outfit. 🌸💙

✨The built-in “teeth” grip ensures your tiara stays secure, allowing you to dance into the new year worry-free. 💃👌

✨Sold in groups of twelve because why celebrate alone when you can bring the whole court into the festivities? 🎉👯‍♀️

✨Light up the room with a quick press of a button, activating a yellow star that blinks in a captivating clockwise pattern. ⭐️🔄

✨Each tiara boasts a one-size-fits-most design, making it easy to crown every guest as they join the celebration. 🎊👫

✨The plastic sides are flexible, giving just enough to accommodate various head sizes without compromising on comfort. 🤗🎈

✨Whether it’s pink fluff or blue ruffles, these assorted tiaras bring a playful charm to your New Year’s ensemble. 🎨👸

Quantity Price
1-2 $34.99
3-5 $34.79
6-8 $34.49
9-11 $34.29
12-71 $33.99
72-143 $33.59
144-287 $32.99
288-575 $31.99
576+ $30.99

👑 “Hey there, it’s Reena, the queen of New Year’s Eve sparkle, coming at you in packs of 12 for all your party people! 🎉💖

Got a fabulous ‘do? I’ve got the grip! With my trusty “teeth,” I’ll sit on your head steadier than your New Year’s resolutions. 😜🎆

Featuring a plume of lush pink or bold blue feathers, I’m not just a tiara; I’m a statement of your party prowess. 🌸💙

Press my button and watch the show as my central star blinks faster than you can say ‘Auld Lang Syne!’ ⭐️✨

Crafted to fit small to medium adult-sized party heads, my plastic sides stretch just enough to crown you comfortably. 📏👌

Orange LEDs? Yes, please! I don’t just shine; I glow with the warmth of a thousand New Year’s fireworks. 🍊🎇

Replaceable AG3 batteries ensure that our night is long and bright—just like the year ahead promises to be. 🔋🌟

Lay me out for guests or pop me in your DIY Photobooth; either way, I’m your ticket to an unforgettable night. 📸🥳

Sold in increments of 12 because the only thing better than one festive tiara is a dozen. Who’s counting anyway? 😉👸

Let’s light up the dance floor and shine like the stars we are. Grab your feathered friend Reena and let the countdown begin! 🕺💫