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Happy New Year Disco Ball LED Charm On Lanyard


🎆Radiate New Year’s cheer with vibrant LED colors in pink, blue, and white; a triad of festivity for your celebration. 🎊🌈

🎆Dual pink LEDs bring a warm glow, while the cool blue duo adds a dash of midnight magic to your ensemble. 💖💙

🎆A solitary white LED casts a pure, star-like sparkle, guiding you into the new year with hope and brightness. ✨🌟

🎆Long-lasting joy with two replaceable CR927 batteries, ensuring your charm shines all night long. 🔋✨

🎆Generous dimensions mean I’m not just a charm but a statement at 30 inches long and over 2 inches of glittering presence. 📏🎆

🎆Activate your charm with ease; a simple pull tab and button press away from a flashing light show. 🎇🔘

🎆Adorn yourself effortlessly with a black string lanyard featuring a safety-first breakaway clasp. 🖤🔗

🎆Designed for easy removal, this charm doesn’t just light up a room; it’s made to move with you. 💃🏽🔄

🎆The LED charm’s dimensions craft a perfect balance between bold impact and comfortable wearability. 🎉📐

🎆Be the heartbeat of the party with a LED charm that syncs light to your every move, welcoming the new year with style. 🕺💡

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.99
5-9 $1.97
10-24 $1.94
25-49 $1.92
50-99 $1.89
100-199 $1.87
200-499 $1.86
500-999 $1.82
1000+ $1.79

🎉 Hey there, I’m Firi, your festive New Year’s Eve disco ball charm, here to make sure you’re the light of the party! 🕺✨ With my snazzy pink, blue, and white LEDs, I’m not just a charm, I’m a portable party on a lanyard! 🌟

Don’t let the ball drop on a dull night, make it pop with my fabulous flashing lights! Simply pull my tab and press the button to kickstart the fun. And yes, I come with a sleek black string lanyard equipped with a breakaway clasp because safety is chic, darlings! 🎆👌

Adorning your neck at a cool 30 inches, I’m the accessory that says, ‘Hello, New Year, goodbye subtlety!’ With my replaceable CR927 batteries, we can keep the party glowing well past midnight and into the new year! 🥳🔋

Whether you’re at a house party or under the city lights, with my 2.5 by 2.25 inches of glittering charm, you’ll be spreading joy and color faster than confetti on Times Square! 💖🏙️

So, come on, grab your friends, and let’s get this countdown started! When you’ve got Firi around your neck, every selfie is a story, and every moment is a memory. Get ready to shine brighter than fireworks on New Year’s Eve! 📸🎇