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1 Dozen Happy New Year Bead Necklaces


✨Sold in quantities of 12. Revel in eco-friendly celebrations; no batteries necessary for these 35-inch long strands of joy. 🌿

✨Each neck adornment spans a generous 35 inches, ensuring a dramatic effect as you saunter into the soirée. 📏

✨Classic Mardi Gras-style beads, updated with a New Year’s Eve twist, embody timeless festivity. 🎭

✨Sold by the dozen, perfect for decking out all your guests in shimmering party flair. 🎫

✨Without the need for light-up features, these beads maintain their luster from dusk till dawn. 🌙

✨Embrace the triple threat of black, silver, and gold beads, offering a color for every party theme. 🖤💿🏆

✨Star-shaped beads interspersed among the letters add a cosmic touch to your festive garb. 🌟

✨The bold “HAPPY NEW YEAR” message on each strand is a wearable cheer to the coming year. ✨

✨Crafted for comfort and style, the beads are designed to be lightweight and wearable for hours on end. 💃

✨No flashy gimmicks here, just pure, unadulterated New Year’s elegance and cheer. 🥂

Quantity Price
1-2 $9.99
3-5 $9.97
6-8 $9.94
9-11 $9.92
12-59 $9.89
60-119 $9.84
120-299 $9.79
300-599 $9.69
600+ $8.99

🎉 Let’s get this party beaded! Meet Monalette, your festive companion for when the clock strikes twelve! I’m the life of the party – 35 inches of pure celebration, no batteries required, because my charm is all the power I need. 😏

🖤 Black, silver, and gold, I’m the triple threat of the bead world. Draped in me, you’re not just at the party, you’re the party! And stars? Got ’em. Because you’re not just celebrating a night, you’re celebrating the galaxy. 🌟

🚫 Forget about lights; my shimmer is natural. I’m old-school Mardi Gras-style with a New Year twist. Wear me in layers or share the wealth; I’m sold by the dozen because the only thing better than one Monalette is twelve. 📿

🕺💃 Dance, twirl, or just stand there – with me around your neck, every pose is a statement. And don’t worry about fitting in; I’m a one-size-fits-all extravaganza. I’m not just an accessory; I’m a declaration of festivity! 🥳

💡 Who needs to light up when you can shine up? I’m the beads that say “Happy New Year” without saying a word. So why settle for less when you can be the toast of the town with Monalette, the bead that’s more than just a bead – it’s a tradition! 🍾