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Green Tip Pen with White LED


🌟 Bright White LED: Illuminate your writing and sketches with a radiant white LED, perfect for dark settings or adding flair to your notes.

🍃 Vibrant Green Body: Stand out with a sleek, green body design that’s as stylish as it is functional, making writing a fashionable statement.

🔋 Powerful Battery Life: Equipped with 3 AG3 batteries, providing long-lasting light without the hassle of frequent replacements.

✍️ Effortless Click-On Light: A simple click activates the light and pen simultaneously, merging convenience with innovation in each use.

📏 Compact and Portable: At a handy length of 5 inches, it fits perfectly in your pocket, pencil case, or bag, making it your go-to writing tool.

🌙 Night-Time Companion: Whether you’re camping, in a dimly lit café, or bedside, this pen is your trusty companion for all late-night writing needs.

📖 Ideal for Every Setting: From bars to classrooms, outdoor adventures to home offices, this pen shines brightly in any scenario.

🎁 Unique Promotional Tool: A memorable giveaway that lights up events, impressing recipients with its practicality and novelty factor.

🚀 Innovative Writing Experience: Combine the traditional with the technological for a writing experience that’s out of this world.

🌈 A Touch of Magic: Every click not only brings your ideas to light but also adds a dash of magic to mundane tasks.

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.69
3-5 $2.67
6-11 $2.64
12-71 $2.59
72-143 $2.54
144-287 $2.49
288-575 $2.44
576+ $2.39

Hello there! Writoe’s my name, and lighting up your writing game is my claim to fame! 🖊️💡 If you’re looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your penmanship, then boy, do I have the gadget for you! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m the Green Light Tip Pen with White LED, and I’m here to make your writing shine – literally!

Crafted in a sleek green body that’s as stylish as it is functional, I’m not just any ordinary pen. With my dazzling white LED light at the tip, I’m ready to illuminate your notes, doodles, and masterpieces, day or night. 🌞🌜 Whether you’re jotting down ideas in a dimly lit café or capturing memories under the stars, I’ve got you covered.

And let’s talk about my super easy on-off mechanism. A simple click of the pen not only gets the ink flowing but also controls my light. Click once to light up your life, and click again to return to stealth mode. It’s like being a secret agent, but cooler, because you have a light-up pen. 🕵️‍♂️✨

Now, for batteries, I’m powered by three AG3s, snugly tucked inside my body. They’re non-replaceable, but don’t you worry; they’re designed to keep the party going long after the cows come home. Or at least until you’ve finished writing that novel you’ve been talking about. 🐄📚

Here’s a little tale for you:

Once upon a pre-festival business event, the organizing committee was in a tizzy. How to make their event stand out? Enter me, Writoe, stage left. I was distributed as a promotional tool, and suddenly, the event was lit (quite literally). Attendees were writing in the dark, marveling at my glowing capabilities, and the event was talked about for months! It was a night where everyone realized the power of a good pen. And me? I became a legend. 🎪🌟

So, whether you’re an avid writer, a night owl, or someone who just really likes cool pens, I’m your guy. Take me to the bar, to school, camping, or even just keep me around for those late-night inspiration sessions. With me in your pocket, you’re not just prepared; you’re prepared to shine. 💚🖊️✨

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