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Green LED Patrol Light Wand


🍀 Vibrant Visibility: Wield a brilliant green hue with the LED Patrol Wand, perfect for commanding attention in any setting.

🔋 Endless Energy: Powered by 3 AG13 batteries, this wand is designed for replaceable convenience, ensuring the party never stops.

Compact Brilliance: At a handy 8.25 inches, the wand is the ideal size for portability without compromising on its radiant impact.

🎗️ Lanyard Luxe: A 27-inch lanyard graces this wand, providing an easy-to-carry accessory with an effortless break-away clasp.

💡 One-Touch Wonder: Activation is a breeze; just remove the pull-tab and press the button to awaken seven spectacular light functions.

🔄 Steady Glow to Go: Choose the still light option for a constant beam that cuts through the darkness with style and grace.

🌟 Flash Frenzy: Set the night ablaze with a flash function that’s sure to turn heads and set the rhythm for any nighttime revelry.

🚥 Blinking Beacon: Emit a gentle blink to signal your presence, a subtle nod to those who appreciate a calmer shine.

📈 Vertical Venture: The vertical flash sends waves of light up and down, creating a dynamic display of luminous artistry.

Twinkle Mode: Engage random twinkle for a starry effect that mimics the celestial sky, or unleash a fast flash for high-energy excitement.

Quantity Price
1-5 $1.99
6-11 $1.97
12-71 $1.94
72-143 $1.89
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.74
576-1151 $1.64
1152+ $1.59

Hello there, I’m Pablo, the Green LED Patrol Wand! Yes, that’s right, I’m not your average stick in the mud; I’m the life of the party, the glow in the dark, the beacon of fun! 😜🌟

Standing at a majestic 8.25 inches of pure glowing eminence and sporting a lanyard that’s 27 inches of pure convenience, I’m your trusted sidekick for any event that calls for a dash of green and a splash of light. 🍀✨

Now, let’s talk power. I’m fueled by three AG13 batteries, replaceable of course, because who likes a party pooper when you’re in the groove? Not me! 💃🔋

But wait, there’s more! With a click of my button, you can cycle through 7 light functions. From a steadfast glow to a vertigo-inducing up/down flash, I’ve got more moves than a break-dancer in zero gravity. 🕺💚

Imagine this – you’re at a festival, the beat drops, and BOOM, I come alive with a vertical flash that says, “Look at me, I’m the ruler of the dance floor!” Or maybe you’re sneaking up on leprechauns; my still light mode is perfect for that stealthy shine. 🎶🌈

Now, gather ’round for a tale of crafty capers. Once upon a time, there was a grand art festival, and I, Pablo, was the centerpiece of the art craft workshop. The task? To decorate your very own wand. 🖌️🎨

There were wands with polka dots, stripes, and even one covered in miniature faux fur (it tickled). But the showstopper was a wand that got bedazzled so heavily, it could’ve been seen from outer space. That wand, my friends, stole the show and the light-up dance-off that followed was… well, let’s just say, legendary. 💎🛸

So, why blend in when you were born to stand out, right? With me, Pablo, you’re not just holding a light; you’re wielding a wand of wonder! Let’s make some memories that will glow forever! 🎉🚀

Don’t be shy, give the button a try, and let’s light up this party! Are you ready to be the light of the party? 💚🔦

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