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Green LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads


🌿 Emerald Elegance: Adorned with 12 jade LEDs, I cast a verdant glow that’ll make the forest itself envious.

🍀 Leprechaun-approved: My LEDs offer a green so rich, you’d think I was plucked straight from an Irish hillside.

🔋 Energy Efficient: Powered by three AG13 batteries, my light show goes on and on, replace them and keep the party alive.

📏 Stretchable Splendor: My dreads can stretch from 15″ to an impressive 30″, making me a versatile crown of light.

🕺 Dynamic Display: With fast flash, slow flash, and steady light settings, I’m ready to match the beat of any tune.

🎶 Rhythm Ready: Tap the button atop my black plastic headpiece and set my lights to dance with you.

🎉 Party-Perfect: Measuring 12″ wide, I sit comfortably on heads of all sizes for an unforgettable statement.

💃 Transformative Tresses: Instantly morph into the life of the party with my springy, light-up dreads.

🌟 Starlit Style: Whether it’s a moonlit gala or a sunlit festival, my green glow promises to be the talk of the town.

🕶️ Cool to the Touch: Despite my bright light, I stay cool, making me the ideal companion for all-night wear.

Quantity Price
1-5 $4.99
6-8 $4.94
9-11 $4.89
12-47 $4.49
48-95 $4.44
96-239 $4.39
240-479 $4.34
480-959 $4.29
960+ $4.24

Hey party people! I’m Jen, the Green LED Noodle Headband with a flair for the dramatic and the luminescent locks to prove it! 🌟💚 Whether it’s daytime dazzle you’re after or nighttime neon, my springy dreads have got you covered.

With 12 bright jade LEDs nestled in my noodles, I’m not just a headband; I’m a head-turner. Stretched out, my bouncy tendrils can reach a whopping 30″ – talk about making an entrance! 🎉

Batteries? I’ve got three AG13s, and they’re replaceable because the party doesn’t stop until the last noodle drops. Width? A glorious 12 inches to crown your noggin with a halo of fun. 💃

Now, let me tell you about the time I saved a wedding. The lights dimmed, the DJ played a somber tune, and in I bounced, atop the head of Aunt Mabel, turning that frown upside down. With a click of my discreet button, my fast flash mode kicked in, and the dancefloor was alive again! 🕺

Slow flash is for those sultry slow dances, and steady light will guide you to the buffet table like a beacon of hope. And let’s be real, when was the last time you saw dreads light up a room? Exactly. 🍽️

From St. Patrick’s Day parades to Halloween haunts, I’m the accessory that says, “Yes, I’m this fabulous.” And if you’re thinking, “Can I rock this at Mardi Gras?” Honey, with me, you’re the queen of the parade! 👑

So put on Jen, your Green LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads, and let’s get this noodle party started. Because life’s too short for boring hair, and you, my friend, were born to stand out! 🎈

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