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Glowbys Fiber Optic Hair Lights Green


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Product Description

If you live in Nebraska or even Nairobi You can’t go wrong wearing a Glowby.Even Princess Leia or Obi Wan Kenobi Would look amazing wearing a Glowby. Bright Green – Very bright green. Glowbys are illuminated thin fiberoptic strands attached to the hair to create many brilliant stars of light (50-60 fibers per Glowby, with the longest fibers 14″ long). A small barrette (1.3″x0.6″) houses two small batteries and a light source, which lights up the ends of the fibers. GLOWBYS ARE REUSABLE – you can wear them again and again. Just change the batteries when Glowbys become too dim, typically +10 hours. To turn ON simply close the barrette clip on your Glowby. (CR1220 batteries included). Wear the thin barrette under the hair so that only the lights are visible, or wear the Swarovski Crystal version like a regular barrette. For under the hair, attach underneath the top layer of hair. The barrette will be covered, but the Glowbys lights will still be visible. Glowbys are 14″ long, but can be cut to any length – a star of light appears wherever the fibers are cut. Glowbys come in a cascade cut pattern, but they can be arranged in almost any pattern depending on the your hair style – use your imagination! Hair Stylists – just attach Glowbys and treat the fibers like strands of hair – cut, loop, etc. Caution: Do NOT use a curling iron or hair dryer on Glowbys; HIGH heat will melt the plastic fibers.