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Glow Necklace Red and Green Pack of 25


  1. 🌟🎈 Festive flair times twenty-five! Red and green necklaces to make your party tribe vibrantly alive. No batteries, just snap, crackle, pop, and glow! ✨🎉
  2. 🎊👯‍♂️ Snap and glow! A pack of 25 for a collective shimmer, each necklace ready to crack and glimmer. Light up the crew with a simple bend-and-shake show! 💥✨
  3. 📏💃 Wrap-around radiance! Long 22″ glow necklaces, enough for all, ensuring no one misses out on the luminescent ball. 🕺🌟
  4. 🎇👗 Thin and trendy! Each 0.2-inch piece from the 25 pack promises a glow that’s chic, adding a touch of sleek shine to your style so unique. ✨🛍️
  5. 🌿💡 Toxin-free twinkle! Safe, non-toxic glow for 25, let your party’s spirit thrive with necklaces that come alive without any jive. 🍃✨
  6. 🎶🌈 Shake to sparkle! Distribute the gleam with a jiggle, make all 25 necklaces brightly wiggle. It’s a glow galore with a shimmering core! 🎉✨
  7. 🌍🚫🔋 Eco-bright bash! A whole pack without the battery trash, these 25 glow necklaces flash, making your eco-party splash! 🌱✨
  8. 🤹🎄 Group glow! Light up the scene for crowds to be seen, with 25 necklaces, your event’s bright theme. Revel in hues of red and green! 🎭✨
  9. 🕐🎇 Lasting luminosity! Non-fading fun with a pack that’s lit, 25 necklaces that won’t quit as the night sees fit. 🌜✨
  10. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✨ One for all! Necklaces for the family, the crew, the throng, 25 strong, in unity, we belong, glowing all night long. 🎆🎊
Quantity Price
1 $13.99
2 $13.89
3 $13.79
4-9 $13.69
10-19 $13.59
20-29 $13.49
30-39 $13.29
40+ $12.99

Hey there! I’m Nicko, the life of every shindig, and the neck’s best thing since sliced bread. 🍞✨ I’m not your average necklace, I’m a twist and shout kind of accessory! 🌟
Wanna be the beacon of the bash? Just give me a good bend, hear that satisfying crack, and watch me glow like Rudolph’s nose on a foggy Christmas Eve. 🦌🔴
I’m 22 inches of pure party spirit, and with a girth of 0.2 inches, I’m as sleek as they come! No batteries needed here, I’m powered by pure, unadulterated fun. 🥳
Don’t need a Ph.D. to get me going, just a good shake after the crack to wake up all my glow-tastic powers. It’s like a magic light saber, but for your neck! 🎉
Perfect for festivals where you want to stand out more than a unicorn at a horse party. Or birthdays, where you’re the human equivalent of a lit candle on a cake! 🎂✨
Christmas? I’m your go-to for dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, with enough glow to guide Santa home. 🎅🛷
Fundraisers? I’ll shine a light on your cause, and I’m not toxic — I promise! I’m like that one guest everyone wants at their event, minus the drama. 💚❤️
I’m easy, peasy, lemon squeezy to activate, and I won’t leave you in the dark. So why settle for boring bling when you can have me, Nicko, your glowing partner in crime? Let’s get this glow on the road!” 🚦😜