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Glow In The Dark Shot Glass Yellow


🍹 Effortless Illumination: Bask in my vibrant yellow glow, no batteries required—just let UV rays be my power source.

🎊 UV Magic: I come to life under black light, transforming into a neon spectacle that guarantees to make your party pop.

🌟 Perfectly Sized: My 1.5 oz. capacity is just right for your favorite shots, making me a staple for any celebration.

💛 Sunny Dimensions: At 2″ wide and 2.25″ tall, I’m a compact burst of sunshine for your evening events.

🚫🔋 Eco-Friendly Party: As a UV-reactive star, I skip the batteries and shine bright with energy-efficient style.

🌈 Neon Nights: Watch as I turn a simple gathering into a radiant affair with my neon yellow light-up feature.

💡 Bright Build: Durable and designed for fun, I’m ready to handle the liveliest of toasts and the heartiest of cheers.

🥂 Toast with a Twist: Not just a cup, but a conversation starter—enjoy your beverages with a glowing twist.

✨ Glow-Getter: Suited for the wild and the whimsical, I’m the shot glass that doesn’t just hold drinks, but holds attention.

🌃 Nighttime Novelty: With my UV-reactive capabilities, I turn every sip into an unforgettable visual experience.

Quantity Price
1-2 $0.99
3-5 $0.97
6-11 $0.94
12-71 $0.92
72-143 $0.89
144-287 $0.79
288-575 $0.69
576-1151 $0.64
1152+ $0.59

Hello, party connoisseurs! I’m Kemans, the Yellow Glow Neon Shot Glass, here to brighten your soirées and electrify your nights. 🌟🌜 With a dash of UV, I turn from a simple cup into a spectacle of neon yellow that’s sure to spark conversations and light up smiles.

Crafted for the spotlight, my 1.5 oz capacity is perfect for those shots of joy, while my glowing persona under blacklight ensures I’m never lost in the dark. 💛✨ Measuring 2 inches by 2.25 inches, I’m the ideal companion for your tasteful toasts and zesty zings.

Now, let me whisk you away to the eve of the Great Glowing Gala, where every detail was meticulously planned except for one – the shots were shamefully dull. Enter Kemans, the savior of the spirits! 🍋💫 Under the mystical blacklight, I transformed from an ordinary vessel to a radiant chalice, worthy of the finest nectars.

With each pour, I’m not just a cup; I’m a carousel of delight, spinning your spirits into an illuminated indulgence. No need for batteries; my power lies in my ability to react to the wildest light. Just a simple UV glow, and I’m the star of your bar! 🥳🔦

Imagine the awe as guests discover my secret – a fluorescent flair that turns every sip into a light show. And when the night comes to an end, I’m not just a memory; I’m the legend that lit up the night. 🏆🎆

So, let’s not settle for less when you can party with the best. Choose Kemans, your luminous partner in crime, and let’s cast a neon spell over your next celebration. Because with me, it’s not just a party; it’s a festival of lights in every shot! 🎇🎉

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