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Glow In The Dark Shot Glass Green


🌿 Eco-Friendly Glow: My brilliant green doesn’t need batteries, keeping your parties bright and your conscience clear.

📏 Petite Powerhouse: With my dimensions snug at 2″ x 2.25″, I’m proof that great things come in small, glowing packages.

🍸 1.5 oz of Fun: Perfectly measured for shots, my volume ensures your party spirits are always high and mighty.

💚 U.V. Radiance: A quick flash of blacklight, and I’ll show you my true colors – a spectacular neon green.

🌟 Starlight in a Cup: Though I’m U.V. reactive, no stars were harmed in making my glow the highlight of your night.

🚫⚡ No Plugs, Just Pubs: I’m completely blacklight-powered, meaning I’m all fun, no fuss, ready for your toast.

🎉 Party-Proof Design: I’m built to last, from the first pour to the last drop, I’ll be your glowing companion through the night.

🌈 Magical Neon: Not just green, I’m a shade of neon that promises to make every sip an enchanted experience.

🥳 Mood-Lighting Master: I don’t just hold your drink; I set the mood, turning every round into a luminous event.

🍹 Visible Volume: See-through and glowing, I ensure you never overpour, making me the star of the bar.

Quantity Price
1-2 $0.99
3-5 $0.97
9-11 $0.94
12-71 $0.92
72-143 $0.89
144-287 $0.79
288-575 $0.69
576-1151 $0.64
1152+ $0.59

Greetings, party astronauts! 🚀 I am Kemans, the luminous commander of libations, here to beam a dose of verdant vibrancy into your festivities. My 1.5 oz. translucent structure is a marvel of the party universe, glowing with a green that’s greener than the greenest green you’ve ever seen. 💚

Crafted in the dimensions of 2″ by 2.25″, my compact design is deceptively simple, yet under the spell of a blacklight, I reveal my true radiant nature, lighting up like the Northern Lights on a clear Arctic night. 🌌

Here’s a tale from the annals of party lore: On the eve of the intergalactic jamboree, the mood was as dim as a burnt-out star. The guests were listless, drifting through the dark expanse of the dance floor… until the UV rays kissed my skin. 💃🕺

With a cosmic burst, I illuminated the galaxy of guests, each shot poured into me was like a supernova of flavor. Suddenly, the party was alive with starry-eyed revelers, each one drawn to the irresistible pull of my neon allure. 🌠

You see, I don’t just hold beverages; I cradle constellations of joy, ready to launch your taste buds into orbit with every toast. And the best part? No need for galactic batteries; my energy is drawn from the stars—or, well, the nearest blacklight. 🌟

At your signal, this fleet of Kemans shot glasses stands ready to turn a mundane mixer into a legendary cosmic ball. We are the unsung heroes of the night, the silent shepherds of fun guiding you through the nebula of night life. 🎶

So, next time you find your party adrift in the void of boredom, call on me, Kemans, and my UV-reactive squadron. Together, we’ll make sure that your night is nothing short of astronomical. Let’s set phasers to ‘party’ and beam up the excitement! 🎉

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