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Glow Bracelet Red Tube of 100


Colors: Red
Batteries: Non-Replaceable
Dimensions: 8″ x 0.2″
Printable: Yes


Quantity Price
1 $13.59
2 $13.54
3 $13.49
4 $13.39
5 $13.29
6 $13.19
7 $13.09
8 $12.99
9+ $12.59

Hey there! I’m Radiant Rudy, your friendly neighborhood Red Glow Bracelet! 🚀
Every 4th of July, I bring the flash and the sizzle to your wrists, lighting up the night with my non-toxic glowing charm! 💥

I’m not your average bracelet, oh no! I’m an 8-inch beacon of joy, weighing only 0.012 lbs, ready to make your holiday unforgettable! ❤️

So, you’re heading to a fundraiser event? Perfect! I am the ultimate giveaway. Can you imagine the joy on your visitors’ faces when they see my glow? Trust me, I’m a people-pleaser! 😉

Activating me is a cinch. Just bend me until you hear that satisfying crack, and voila! You’ve just awakened a tube of dazzling light, ready to party. Give me a shake, and watch me illuminate every nook and cranny of your festive evening. 🎉

To wear me, simply connect my ends with the clear connector that comes with each set. Easy peasy! Now you’re ready to spread the glow! 💃🕺

Remember, when the sun goes down, Radiant Rudy lights up. As part of the 4th of July celebrations or as a fundraiser giveaway, I’m here to spread the light and the love, making each event memorable. So why wait? Light up the night with Radiant Rudy, your friendly Red Glow Bracelet! 🔥🌟

I hope you enjoy our time together as much as I enjoy lighting up your life!

  • 💡Illuminate Your Nights: Light up the festivities with Radiant Rudy, your go-to Red Glow Bracelet. Just bend, shake, and shine bright! 🔥
  • 🎆Perfect for the 4th of July: Add sparkle to your Independence Day celebrations. Wear the red glow, be patriotic, be radiant! 🇺🇸
  • 🌟Non-Toxic & Safe: Your safety is our priority! Our glow-in-the-dark chemical is non-toxic, making Radiant Rudy safe for all ages. 👍
  • 🎁Amazing Giveaways: Planning a fundraiser? I am the perfect memorable giveaway that your guests will cherish. Sharing the glow has never been this fun! 🎉
  • 🎈Lightweight & Comfortable: Weighing just 0.012 lbs, I am an 8″ light tube of joy that fits snugly on your wrist. Comfort, meet radiance! 💫
  • 🔋No Batteries Required: Forget about the hassle of batteries. Just activate me and let the festivities begin. Convenience is key! 🔑
  • 💃Spread the Joy: Connect my ends with the clear connector included with each set, wear me and spread the joy. It’s as simple as that! 🕺
  • 🎊Long-lasting Glow: Once activated, I promise to keep glowing throughout your event, ensuring your night remains unforgettable. ⏳
  • 🔴Red-Hot and Ready: As a red glow bracelet, I bring the heat to every party, lighting up your night with a vibrant shade of enthusiasm! 💃🔥
  • 🎉For All Occasions: 4th of July, fundraisers, or any nighttime event, I am your faithful glowing companion, ready to brighten up your celebrations! 🎇