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Glow Bracelet Blue Tube of 100


Colors: Blue
Batteries: (2) CR927, Replaceable
Dimensions: 1.1″ Squared
Printable: Yes


Quantity Price
1 $13.59
2 $13.54
3 $13.49
4 $13.39
5 $13.29
6 $13.19
7 $13.09
8 $12.99
9+ $12.59

Hello, fearless adventurer! I’m Brilliant Billy, your reliable Blue Glow Bracelet! 🌌

Caves? Check. Parties? Check. Anywhere that needs a touch of brightness? Double-check! I’m not just your average party accessory, you know. I’m also a commercial-grade safety tool! Impressive, right? 🌍🔦

Measuring a convenient 8 inches and weighing a minimal 0.012 lbs, I’m the perfect companion for any venture you decide to embark upon. Talk about being versatile and handy! 🎈💪

Awakening me is a simple, yet satisfying process. To activate my radiant glow, bend my tube until you hear a reassuring crack. That’s the sound of my non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical mixing together to light your way! Give me a gentle shake to distribute my glow throughout. 🌊🎆

Linking my ends together is a breeze. Just use one of the clear connectors that come with each set. And voila, I’m ready to be your loyal sidekick in your exploration. 🌎🔗

I’m not just a bracelet, I’m your trusty torch in the dark. With me by your side, you can confidently traverse through the enigmatic caverns and relish the exhilarating journey of the unknown. 🏞️🔍

In addition to lighting your path, I promise to add a dash of flair and amusement to your voyage. Just remember, I’m Brilliant Billy, your Blue Glow Bracelet, always ready to make your adventures unforgettable! 🚀😄

  • 🌌Your Radiant Adventure Companion: Meet Brilliant Billy, the Blue Glow Bracelet that’s ready to illuminate your adventures! 💫
  • 🧗‍♀️Essential for Caving: Navigate the depths of caves with the vibrant blue glow of Brilliant Billy, adding safety and style to your journey. 🗺️
  • 🧪Non-toxic & Safe: Designed with a non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical, Brilliant Billy prioritizes your safety while lighting your path. 👌
  • 🚀Multipurpose Tool: More than a party accessory, Billy is a commercial-grade safety tool designed for outdoor activities and explorations. 🏞️
  • 🏋️Lightweight & Portable: Brilliant Billy measures a comfortable 8″ and weighs only 0.012 lbs – perfect for your adventure pack! 🎒
  • 🔌No Batteries Needed: Forget about batteries! Just bend and shake Billy to activate the luminary magic. The glow stick that’s always ready! 🔦
  • 👌Easy to Use: Just link each end of Brilliant Billy with the clear connector that comes with each set and you’re ready to go! 🎈
  • 🌃Long-lasting Blue Glow: Brilliant Billy promises to keep the glow going, ensuring your adventure is both safe and memorable. 🌌
  • 🔵Vibrant Blue Illumination: With its vivid blue glow, Brilliant Billy brings a mesmerizing luminary experience to your exploration. 🌐
  • 🏔️Perfect for Outdoor Activities: From cave exploration to camping, Brilliant Billy is your glowing companion ready to lighten up all your adventures! 🌠