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Galactic LED Expandable Red Light Saber Sword


  • ✨Magical LED Colors✨: Sir Luminous boasts dazzlingly white LEDs, illuminating the darkest corners of your daring quest! 🌟
  • 🔋Powerful Battery Life🔋: Equipped with 3 AAA replaceable batteries, Sir Luminous ensures constant energy for your epic adventures! 💪
  • 📏Expandable & Collapsible📏: Sir Luminous transforms from 18.5″ to an impressive 32.5″, adjusting to your every need in battle! 🗡️
  • ⚖️Featherlight Weight⚖️: At a mere 0.385 lbs, Sir Luminous is light enough for swift, agile movements, striking down foes with ease! 🌬️
  • 🔴Activation Button🔴: Awaken Sir Luminous’s power by pressing the red button on the handle, unleashing the light within! 💥
  • ⚡3 Light Functions⚡: Choose between Flash, Blink, and Steady light functions to adapt to any combat situation! 🤺
  • 💡Wrist Illumination💡: Sir Luminous casts a warm glow on your wrist and arm, empowering you with courage and strength! 💫
  • 🌋Navigating Dangerous Terrain🌋: Traverse the most treacherous landscapes with Sir Luminous by your side, guiding your path! 🗺️
  • 🐉Formidable Foes🐉: Vanquish even the most fearsome adversaries with Sir Luminous’s radiant glow and unmatched agility! 🥊
  • 🔍Quest for the Crystal🔍: Embark on a legendary journey to locate the rare, powerful crystal and unlock Sir Luminous’s true potential! 🏆
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.49
3-5 $4.44
6-11 $4.39
12-47 $4.29
48-95 $4.19
96-239 $4.09
240-479 $3.99
480-959 $3.89
960+ $3.79

Greetings, brave adventurers! My name is Sir Luminous, the valiant and sentient Light Up Expandable Red Light Saber Sword on a noble quest to locate the fabled crystal that can bestow upon me the ultimate power of a true lightsaber!

Behold my sleek design and remarkable abilities!

I am a formidable weapon with brilliantly white LED colors that can light up the darkest caverns or the most treacherous paths in your journey. Fear not, for I shall be your beacon in this epic quest. My loyal companions (3 AAA replaceable batteries) shall give me the energy to guide you through the toughest battles.

When fully expanded, I am an impressive 32.5 inches long and a mere 2 inches wide, providing the perfect balance and agility for swift, decisive strikes against formidable foes. When not in battle, I rest comfortably, collapsed at a modest 18.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, making me an unassuming yet loyal companion, ready to spring into action. And with a featherlight weight of 0.385 lbs, you will scarcely notice my presence until it is time to wield me against the forces of darkness.

Remove my pull tab and press the red button on my handle to awaken my power. I will reward you with three magnificent light functions: Flash for moments of intense combat, Blink to dazzle and disorient your enemies, and Steady to serve as a beacon of hope in the darkest hours. When turned on, I shall cast a warm glow upon the bottom of the sword, imbuing you with the courage and strength to complete your mission.

Together, we shall traverse the dangerous terrain and vanquish the fearsome adversaries that seek to bar our way. Our journey will be fraught with peril, but the radiant glow of my blade shall serve as a constant reminder of our unbreakable bond and shared destiny. The elusive crystal awaits, with it, the promise of a legendary lightsaber – the ultimate symbol of victory against the darkness.

So, brave one, dare to embark upon this grand adventure with me, Sir Luminous, the Light Up Expandable Red Light Saber Sword. Together, we shall illuminate the path to glory and etch our names in the annals of history. Onward to victory and the legendary crystal!



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