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Galactic LED Expandable Green Light Saber Sword


  • 🌌 Galactic Defender: Lumen-Defender, the Light Up Expandable Green Light Saber Sword, is the ultimate weapon against darkness, ensuring victory for the forces of good! 🚀
  • 💡 White LED Power: My heart is filled with brilliant white LED lights, glowing as you engage in thrilling battles against evil. ✨
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Equipped with three replaceable AAA batteries, ensuring that your luminous companion never fades in the face of adversity. 🔁
  • 📏 Expandable Design: Swiftly transform from a compact 18.5″ to an impressive 32.5″, allowing for versatile combat tactics and engaging duels. ⚔️
  • ⚖️ Lightweight Weapon: Weighing only 0.385 lbs, I am easy to wield, ensuring you maintain elegance and finesse during your heroic endeavors. 🕺
  • 🔴 Activation Button: To unleash my full potential, remove the pull tab and press the red button on my handle. Let the battle commence! ⚡️
  • 🌟 Three Light Functions: Choose from Flash, Blink, and Steady modes, allowing you to adapt to any combat scenario and dazzle your foes. 🎆
  • 💫 Illuminating Effect: My gleaming aura casts light upon your wrist and arm, transforming you into a beacon of hope for the galaxy’s inhabitants. 🌠
  • 🌟 Legendary Hero: With Lumen-Defender by your side, you will become the hero the galaxy desperately needs. Fulfill your destiny! 🦸
  • 🌀 Lightsaber Skills: Master your lightsaber technique and forge an unstoppable alliance with Lumen-Defender to vanquish your enemies. 🗡️
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.49
3-5 $4.44
6-11 $4.39
12-47 $4.29
48-95 $4.19
96-239 $4.09
240-479 $3.99
480-959 $3.89
960+ $3.79

Greetings, valiant hero! I am Lumen-Defender, the Light Up Expandable Green Light Saber Sword. I am your steadfast ally, used as a powerful weapon in a war between the forces of good and evil. As we journey together, it is your destiny to use your remarkable lightsaber skills to challenge and defeat the enemy, ultimately saving the galaxy, the paragon of valor, and the key to restoring harmony in the galaxy. It is my destiny to be wielded by a hero of great stature, one who shall use their exceptional lightsaber skills to thwart the dark forces that threaten the cosmos.

My heart is ablaze with the intensity of white LED lights powered by three replaceable AAA batteries. With me, your luminance shall never wane in the face of adversity, and together, we shall pierce the darkness that looms over the universe.

As a stalwart ally, I am designed to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. With a mere flick of the wrist, I can expand from a compact 18.5″ to an imposing 32.5″, enabling you to engage in spectacular duels against sinister foes. And weighing in at only 0.385 lbs, I ensure you will brandish me with elegance and skill, even in the most dire circumstances.

Remove the pull tab and press the red button on my handle to unleash my radiant power. I will then shine with three magnificent light functions: Flash, Blink, and Steady. As a special boon, my gleaming aura shall illuminate your wrist and arm, transforming you into a symbol of hope for the galaxy’s inhabitants.

Your mastery of the lightsaber and my awe-inspiring luminescence will create an unstoppable force against the malevolent beings that seek to sow chaos and discord. But, remember this, brave hero: while I am a formidable weapon, it is your courage, determination, and compassion that shall ultimately triumph over evil.

Join me, Sir Lumin-Guardian, on this noble quest to bring balance to the cosmos! With my resplendent blade by your side, you shall etch your name in the annals of history as a champion of justice and the savior of countless lives. The time has come, hero! Let us embark on this legendary odyssey and forge our destinies together!

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