Football Helmet Bead Necklaces Non Metallic Purple Pack of 12


This Football Helmet Bead Necklace features tiny purple football helmet-shaped beads. Made out of plastic, this necklace is allowed in sporting venues, sports bars, or anywhere you can celebrate the game. Comes in a pack of 12 so you can share it with your friends and family. Wear your team colors to show your support and dedication.

Each necklace features football helmet-shaped purple beads.

NOTE: This item does NOT Light Up, Flash, or Blink. Dimensions: Length: 32 in. Necklace Colors: Purple Football Helmet Beads are sold in increments of 12 so when you purchase 1 you will receive an assortment of 12 Football Necklaces. When you purchase 2 you will receive 24 and so on. Packaging: 12 pieces poly bagged-144 pieces per carton.

Dimensions: Length: 32 in.


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