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Mardi Gras Big Acrylic Fleur de Lis Bulbs LED Flashing String Charm Crewe Necklace


🎭 Celebrate Mardi Gras with flair wearing our Fleur de Lis Big Bulbs String Necklace featuring seven sizable acrylic charms.

🌟 Necklace charms come in three festive colors with three gold, two green, and two purple, all brightly lit with white LEDs.

💡 Each charm is illuminated with white LED lights that bring a dazzling radiance to any Mardi Gras party attire.

🔋 Enjoy an extended celebration with the convenience of three replaceable AG13 batteries powering your necklace.

📏 The necklace’s impressive 32-inch length allows for a comfortable fit for revelers of all sizes.

🍀 Charm dimensions of 2 inches by 2.5 inches make each Fleur de Lis a noticeable and stylish accessory.

🎉 Featuring three lighting functions—Twinkle, Flash, and Steady—to match the energy of Bourbon Street festivities.

📿 Easy activation ensures your Mardi Gras experience is bright; simply remove the pull tab and press the button.

✨ A total of seven charms means your Mardi Gras glow will be seen from parades to parties.

🥳 The perfect accessory for those who want to party in style and stand out in the sea of Mardi Gras celebrations.

Quantity Price
1-3 $3.59
4-5 $3.54
6-11 $3.49
12-47 $3.39
48-95 $3.29
96-287 $3.19
288-479 $2.99
480-959 $2.89
960+ $2.69

🍀 Hi! I’m JM, your Fleur de Lis Big Bulbs String Necklace, here to make sure you’re the flashiest at the St. Patrick’s Parade! 💚

Not just a necklace but a portable party, I come with seven large Fleur de Lis charms that say, “Look at me, I’m the life of the Mardi Gras!” 🎉

My trio of gold charms shines like a pot o’ gold, while my duos in green and purple add a pop of color so vibrant, even rainbows get jealous. 🌈

Sporting a necklace length of 32 inches and charms measuring 2 inches by 2.5 inches, I drape over you like a mantle of merriment. 📿

Equipped with three AG13 batteries, easily replaceable to keep the party glowing, I’m ready to go as long as you are. 🔋

To light up the fest, just pull my tab and press the button – I’ve got twinkle, flash, and steady modes to match your every mood. ✨

With seven charms to light the way, I promise you won’t just parade through the streets; you’ll own them. 🎭

Choose my twinkle for a starry night vibe, flash to be the thunder of the party, or steady to be the constant in the chaotic fun. ⭐

Let’s not just wear the luck of the Irish; let’s light it up and make it dance around our necks. 💃

I’m JM, and I’m not just a necklace; I’m the Fleur de Lis Big Bulbs String Necklace, your personal badge of festivity this St. Patrick’s Day. 🥳

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