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Non Light Up Fleur de Lis Beaded Necklace for Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street Parties Pack of 12


🍀 Celebrate Mardi Gras with Fleur de Lis Beads, perfect for capturing the essence of Bourbon Street festivities without the need for batteries.

📿 Crafted for comfort and style, these beads are 34 inches long, ensuring a fit that’s just right for everyone.

💚💜💛 Vibrantly colored in traditional Mardi Gras hues, the beads come in purple, green, and gold, embodying the spirit of the celebration.

🎉 Ideal for party favors, fundraisers, or as the essential Mardi Gras accessory, these beads are versatile and fun.

🥳 Sold in packs of twelve, these Fleur de Lis Beads are budget-friendly and perfect for group festivities.

🎭 No LEDs mean no fuss—just pure, unadulterated Mardi Gras fun with these easy-to-wear, classic beads.

🎶 They may not light up, but these beads still shine in the crowd, making them a must-have for your Mardi Gras parade.

🎈 With no batteries required, these Fleur de Lis Beads offer a worry-free experience so you can focus on the fun.

📦 Buying in bulk means you can easily spread the joy and color of Mardi Gras to friends and family.

🌟 These beads are all about tradition, offering a timeless Mardi Gras experience with a simple yet striking design.

Quantity Price
1-5 $6.99
6-11 $6.67
12-23 $6.64
24-47 $6.62
48-95 $6.59
96-191 $6.54
192-383 $6.49
384-765 $6.29
766+ $5.99

🍀 I’m Fleure, your trusty bead companion for St. Patrick’s Parade, here to add some pizzazz to your outfit without any techy fuss. 🎉

At a majestic length that hangs just right, I’m your go-to for that classic Mardi Gras look—no charging necessary! 💜💚💛

Who said you need to light up to stand out? My purple, green, and gold hues are vibrant enough to make any leprechaun jealous. 🌈

I’m low maintenance with high impact, perfect for those who want to party without the worry of finding an outlet. 🕺

Buy me in bulk and become the most popular person on the parade route, sharing the Mardi Gras love with every bead toss! 📿

I may not glow with LEDs, but I radiate good vibes and festive flair, making me a must-have for your celebratory ensemble. 🥳

Simplicity is my game, and I play it well with a design that’s timeless, ensuring you’re parade-ready in a snap. 👌

When you’re decked out in Fleure beads, you’re not just prepared for the parade; you’re an instant crowd-pleaser. 🎭

Ditch the gadgets and go old school with beads that boast a legacy of Mardi Gras merry-making and St. Paddy’s day cheer. 🍻

Let’s kick off the festivities with a classic throw; who needs battery-powered bling when you’ve got Fleure’s charm? 🎶

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