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Flashing Wearable Halloween Lights Necklace


  • 🌟 Stellar Visibility: Our Blinky Bulbs Halloween Jewelry Light Necklace features 8 radiant bulbs that make you visible and safe during Halloween night festivities.💡
  • 🎃 Dual Colored LED: The necklace glows in two vibrant Halloween colors – 4 bulbs in mystic purple and 4 in festive orange, adding to your Halloween costume or decor.🔮
  • 🔋 Long-lasting Batteries: The necklace operates on two CR1220 batteries, which are not just long-lasting but also replaceable, ensuring an endless fun experience.🎇
  • 📏 Perfect Size: With a necklace length of 38 inches and bulb size of 1 inch, it’s perfectly sized to be a dazzling yet non-intrusive accessory for both adults and children.👌
  • ⚖️ Lightweight: Weighing just 0.083 lbs, the necklace is incredibly lightweight. It won’t be a burden around your neck during your Halloween adventures.🍬
  • 💥 Durable Design: The bulbs are made of hard plastic shells, which makes them resistant to accidental drops or bumps during your spooky night out.👻
  • 🔄 Three Light Functions: The necklace comes with three light functions to match your mood – a dazzling flash, a lively blink, or a steady glow.✨
  • 👍 Easy Activation: To activate the necklace, simply remove the pull tab and press the button on the battery house. It’s that easy to light up your Halloween night!🎉
  • 🔒 Safe Clasp: The necklace has a breakaway clasp which makes it easy to remove if needed, ensuring your comfort and safety during the Halloween festivities.🔐
  • 🔄 Reusable: With replaceable batteries and sturdy build, you can reuse this fun and spooky accessory for many Halloweens to come. Celebrate sustainability!🌱
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-8 $4.09
9-11 $4.04
12-47 $3.99
48-95 $3.89
96-239 $3.79
240-479 $3.69
480+ $3.59

Hello there, I’m Morione!👋 You might think of me as a mere accessory, but I’m so much more than that. I’m the fun guy at your Halloween parties, the star attraction that lights up your festive nights, and the quirky companion for your trick-or-treat adventures. I am the Blinky Bulbs Halloween Jewelry Light Necklace, an inexpensive yet incredibly festive way to add a touch of fun to your Halloween celebrations.🎃

Dressed in purple and orange, I have 8 LED bulbs that gleam in the dark like a creepy pumpkin. Just hit my button and watch as I light up the party with a flash, a blink, or a steady glow. I’m not just pretty, I’m practical. With my luminous presence, I’ll help you or your little ones stay visible during the night while collecting candy.🍬

I’m not fragile either! My hard plastic shell protects me from any accidental drops or bumps during the spooky night. Plus, with replaceable batteries, I ensure the fun doesn’t end with the dawn. You can keep me as your Halloween companion year after year!👻

Safety is my middle name. I have a handy breakaway clasp, which means you can easily remove me if I get caught on something or if you need a break from my glowing presence. But let’s be honest, who would want that, right?💁‍♀️

I weigh just 0.083 lbs, so I won’t be a burden around your neck. I’m the ultimate Halloween accessory that combines style, fun, and safety. So, let’s make this Halloween unforgettable, together. Shine on, my friend, shine on!🌟