Flashing Roller Skate Charm Necklace with Lightup Lanyard


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Necklaces are not to be worn on your arms… especially not when they’ve light up charms!!! If you’re really really smart… You’ll wear one dangling near your heart Flashing with color in soft molded plastic making your imagination elastic! Flashing Charm Necklaces are soft molded plastic charms with colored accents on the surface strung from a lanyard. This version comes with a lightup lanyard with the same functionality as the charm itself. These theme related party neclaces contain a red, a blue and a green led. They have several modes including a very rapid flashing of each of the leds. In this mode all three leds flash so fast that they appear to be flashing white when the charm is still since the three colors are flashing so fast they blend to look white. When the charm is moving the three led colors don’t blend and each color can be seen. The next mode is a slow changing / morphing between red, blue and green that creates all sorts of other colors as the colors blend such as purple, aqua, and yellow. The next mode has all the led’s on in a steady glow which creates a multicolor glow on the piece. Then there is a flashing green mode, a flashing red mode, and a flashing blue mode, and finally the off mode. These are very cool and deluxe. Height: Approx. 3.0 in. LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red Batteries: Includes 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries.