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Flashing Retro Love Rainbow Heart Pendant Necklace


🌟 LED Brilliance: Flaunts vivid hues with Red, Blue, and Pink LEDs, perfect for dazzling in any setting.

🔄 Power Efficient: Equipped with two CR927 batteries, easily replaceable to keep the sparkle going.

📏 Just Right Size: With a cord length of 22 inches, it’s the ideal fit for all; not too long, not too short.

❤️ Charming Dimensions: The heart charm measures 1.92 by 1.7 inches, crafted for noticeable elegance.

🖤 Stylish Lanyard: Comes with a sleek 22″ black lanyard, paired with a safety breakaway clasp.

✨ Easy Activation: A simple pull of the tab and press of a button unleashes the heart’s luminous magic.

🎉 Party-Ready: Designed to be the highlight of festivals, parties, and romantic occasions.

🎁 Gift of Light: An unforgettable gift that adds a burst of color and light to any celebration.

🌈 Rainbow Effect: Each LED color phases in a rainbow sequence, offering a mesmerizing visual.

🔋 Long-Lasting: Enjoy hours of illuminated fun, thanks to the energy-efficient LED technology.

Quantity Price
1-5 $1.99
6-11 $1.94
12-23 $1.89
24-43 $1.79
44-87 $1.74
88-175 $1.69
176-351 $1.64
352-703 $1.59
704+ $1.44

🌟🌈 Hey, I’m Love Heart Blinky, your Flashing Retro Love Rainbow Heart Pendant Necklace! Born from a cosmic mix of sugar, spice, and neon lights, I’m here to make your heart and neckline pop with a spectrum of joy. 🍬✨

Equipped with a trio of LED colors – red hot, cool blue, and posh pink – I’m the life of every party, and your go-to accessory for:

  • 🎊 Wild Festivals
  • 🎈 Whimsical Party Favors
  • 💕 Romantic Valentine’s Day Escapades

Strut around with me swinging on a suave 22″ black lanyard, featuring a nifty breakaway clasp for those moments when you need to break free. Size-wise, my heart charm is a snug 1.92″ x 1.7″, perfect for not getting in the way of your dance moves. 💃

Running on the juice of two replaceable CR927 batteries, I’m designed for an enduring glow-up. 💖

To kick off our luminescent journey, just pull my tab and press my button. Voila! You’re now the bearer of a spectacular flashing LED extravaganza! 🎆

Imagine grooving at your favorite band’s gig, and there I am, outshining the stars, making you the beacon of the night. I’m not merely a necklace; I’m a vibe, a dazzling sidekick, ready to make memories brighter and nights unforgettable. 😝

Ready for an illuminated love story? Drape me around your neck, and let’s turn the ordinary into extraordinary, one flash at a time! 💫🌈