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Flashing Multicolor Star Clip on Body Light Badge


  • 🌟 Star-Powered Shine: Introducing Starrie, the Multicolor Star Clip-On LED Badge, designed to make you shine brighter than the cosmos on any occasion.
  • 🎒 Versatile Accessory: Whether it’s clothing, bags, or even bike handles, this glow star light badge easily attaches, transforming ordinary into extraordinary.
  • 🎉 Perfect for Celebrations: From birthdays to receptions, Starrie ensures you’re the glowing center of attention, adding that extra sparkle to your ensemble.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Safety with Style: Planning a nighttime jog or bike ride? Starrie’s LED Badge illuminates your path, making sure you’re both safe and stylish.
  • 🎨 Dazzling LED Display: With an array of LED colors, Starrie promises to amaze with effects like Slow Color Change, Color Splash, and 6 Steady Colors to choose from.
  • 🔋 Reliable Power: Powered by (2) CR1632 batteries, Starrie ensures a lasting luminance, ensuring you shine throughout the event.
  • 📏 Compact and Cute: Designed at a perfect 2″ x 2″ dimension, Starrie is the ideal size to be noticeable without being overpowering.
  • 🪶 Light as Air: With a weight of just 0.045 lbs, Starrie promises to be your hassle-free accessory, never weighing you down.
  • 🔴 Easy Activation: Getting Starrie to shine is a breeze. Just remove the pull tab, press the button on the back, and let the LED magic begin.
  • 🎁 Gift of Glow: Looking for a unique gift? Starrie, the star-shaped white plastic clip, is the perfect present for friends and loved ones who love to shine.
Quantity Price
1-4 $2.09
5-11 $2.07
12-35 $2.04
36-107 $1.99
108-251 $1.97
252-503 $1.94
504-999 $1.89
1000+ $1.84

Hey there! 🌟 It’s me, Starrie, your new best friend and shiny accessory. Just between us, I’m not just any ordinary star. I’m a Multicolor Star Clip-On LED Badge that’ll light up your life, or at least your outfit! 😜

Attach me to anything, seriously, ANYTHING! From your trendy jean jacket to that designer bag, or even as a tiny twinkle on your bicycle. I’ve got the glow to show and make you the center of attention. 🌌

Got a birthday party? 🎂 Or maybe a swanky reception? Heck, even if you’re just out for a nighttime jog, I’m here to make sure you stand out and shine. 🏃💨 Safety and style? Talk about a power duo!

Curious about my specs? 🤔 I dazzle in multiple LED colors that will leave everyone in awe. And while I run on (2) CR1632 batteries, they’re built to last, just like the starry impressions I’ll leave. My perfect dimensions? A cute 2″ x 2″. Oh, and don’t worry about me weighing you down; I’m featherlight at just 0.045 lbs. 🪶

Ready to see me in action? 🎬 Activate your Light Up Star Clip (that’s me, Starrie!) by removing the pull tab and pressing my little button on the back. I promise to surprise you with my LED functions – a Slow Color Change, a brilliant Color Splash, and 6 steady colors to match your mood or outfit. 🌈

So, whether you’re hitting the town or just looking to brighten things up, remember: With Starrie, every day is a star-studded affair! 🌠🌟