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Flashing Multicolor Round Clip on Body Light Badge


  • 🌟 Circle of Radiance: Meet Circo, the Color Changing Round Light Clip, designed to dazzle and transform ordinary objects into luminous attractions.
  • 🎒 Versatile Shine: Easily attach Circo to clothing, bags, or even as decor. This round white plastic clip is your multipurpose glow companion.
  • 🎉 Perfect for Every Event: Whether it’s birthdays or receptions, Circo promises to be the glowing centerpiece, stealing the spotlight every time.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Illuminate & Elevate: Enhance nighttime safety during jogs or bike rides with Circo’s brilliant shine, ensuring you’re always visible and stylish.
  • 🎨 Kaleidoscope of Colors: Dive into an array of LED colors. Experience mesmerizing effects like Slow Color Change, Color Splash, and choose from 6 vibrant steady colors.
  • 🔋 Dependable Luminance: Fueled by (2) CR1632 batteries, Circo’s glow is designed to last, making sure you’re the star of every event.
  • 📏 Perfectly Sized: Boasting a compact 2″ diameter, Circo offers maximum shine without ever being obtrusive.
  • 🪶 Featherlight Flair: Weighing a mere 0.049 lbs, Circo ensures you light up without being weighed down.
  • 🔴 Effortless Activation: Bringing Circo to life is a breeze. Simply remove the pull tab, press the back button, and embark on a luminous journey.
  • 🎁 Gift of Glow: Searching for that unique gift? Circo, the round light clip, is the perfect present for those who love a dash of dazzle in their lives.
Quantity Price
1-4 $2.09
5-11 $2.07
12-35 $2.04
36-107 $1.99
108-251 $1.97
252-503 $1.94
504-999 $1.89
1000+ $1.84

Hey there! 😄 I’m Circo, your newest round buddy with a luminous personality. I’m not just any circle, I’m the Color Changing Round Light Clip that loves to party! 🎉

Snap me onto anything – from your trendy jacket to that swanky bag, or perhaps sprinkle a little Circo magic as decor. I come alive, glowing like a mini disco ball, ready to make any event lit! 💡

Got a special day lined up? 🍰 Maybe a posh reception or just taking a leisurely nighttime stroll? I got your back (literally, if you clip me there). I’m all about making things radiant and fun.

Curious about my dazzling secrets? 🤫 I love to flaunt my LED Colors, especially when they’re multicolor. While I groove with (2) CR1632 batteries, they’re in for the long haul, just like my dedication to making you shine. Size-wise, I’m like that perfect cookie, 2″ in diameter. I’m a lightweight, at 0.049 lbs, so no added baggage here! 🍪

Want to see my dance moves? 🕺 To activate the party mode, that’s me – Circo, the Light Up Circle Clip, simply remove the pull tab and press my secret button on the back. And oh boy, do I have moves! From a sultry Slow Color Change to a vivacious Color Splash, and not forgetting my repertoire of 6 steady colors. 🌈

In the grand scheme of luminous accessories, remember, circles do it best! With me, Circo, every occasion is a radiant roundabout of fun! 🌀🔘