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Flashing LED Dinosaur Bubble Gun


  • 🦖 Roaring T-Rex Design: Dino LLo isn’t your average bubble gun. Shaped like the mighty T-Rex, it’s bound to be a hit with dinosaur lovers and bubble enthusiasts alike!
  • 🌈 Mesmerizing LED Show: Inside this dino are multiple LED lights. Watch in awe as the dinosaur illuminates with red, green, and blue hues, creating a mini light show!
  • 🎈 Perfect for Celebrations: Whether it’s a festival, birthday, or just an ordinary summer day, Dino LLo ensures it’s bursting with fun and vibrant bubbles.
  • 🧪 Easy Activation: To get the bubbles rolling, simply remove the pull tab, connect the liquid container, and squeeze the trigger. It’s as simple as that!
  • 🔄 Warm-Up Functionality: Sometimes, the best things need a warm-up. Give Dino LLo’s trigger a few pumps to kickstart the bubble magic!
  • 🌳 Outdoor Entertainment: Dino LLo loves the great outdoors! Its bubble magic is best experienced outside where the radiant bubbles can soar and shine.
  • 🛁 Clean, Messy Fun: Bubbles can get a little messy, but that’s half the fun! Just remember, it’s advised to have parental supervision around to manage the bubbly excitement.
  • 🔋 Powered by AA Batteries: Dino LLo runs on three AA batteries, making it easy to replace and ensure the fun never stops!
  • 📐 Compact Dimensions: Measuring at 9×7 inches and weighing a little over a pound, Dino LLo is conveniently sized for hours of handheld entertainment.
  • 💡 Safety First: This dino loves to play, but always ensure kids are supervised, ensuring both fun and safety go hand in hand!
Quantity Price
1-2 $6.89
3-5 $6.79
6-8 $6.69
9-11 $6.59
12-47 $6.49
48-95 $6.29
96-239 $5.99
240-479 $5.79
480+ $5.49

🦖 Hey, there! I’m Dino LLo, and I must confess: even though I’m a T-Rex Shaped Light Up Dinosaur, I have a soft spot for bubbles! 😂

Every time you squeeze my trigger, I’ll shower you with a gleaming LED bubble spectacle. That’s right, I come with a built-in LED Bubble Gun. You might even say I’m a Dinosaur Bubble Gun with No Sound that lights up your day, or night! 🎉

Don’t be fooled by my tough exterior. Although I might resemble those fearsome T-Rexes you’ve heard about, deep down, I’m all about the fun! Birthdays, festivals, or just a regular sunny day – I’m here to brighten it up. And while I’m a dinosaur, I’m technologically up-to-date with my LED colors: red, green, and blue! Disco, anyone? 💃🎈

You see, while other dinos are out chasing cars (that’s what they do in movies, right?), I’m all about getting the party started! So, when you think of summer fun, festivals, or birthdays, remember me. I’m the LED Colors Bubble Gun dino that’ll never let you down. 🥳🌞

And for my tech-savvy friends out there, a little heads up: I operate on (3) AA batteries, I measure a cool 9″ x 7″, and I weigh just over a pound (1.013 lbs, to be exact). So, I’m pretty easy to carry around! But don’t worry about turning me on. Just remove my pull tab, attach my liquid container, and squeeze away! Remember, I might need a little warm-up time. It’s not easy being this cool, okay? 😜🔋

One last thing, as much as I love to play outdoors and create a bubbly mess, ensure the kiddos are supervised. Wouldn’t want any slip and slide accidents! Remember, bursting bubbles is fun, but safety first! 🦖💦🛁