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Flashing LED Candy Corn Charm String Necklace


LED Colors: White
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Necklace Length: 38″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.277 lbs


Out of stock

Well, howdy, Halloween adventurers! I’m Pandora Phantasm, your whimsical Candy Corn Necklace, ready to brighten your spooky festivities! 🎃

You know, haunted mansion sleepovers were my typical Tuesdays. 🕸️ Being around all those spirits? It taught me one thing: they despise candy corn. 🍬 That’s my secret to keep the boogeymen away and amplify your Halloween fun!

When you don me, you’re sporting a proclamation of holiday spirit – a 38″, white LED, candy corn-clad proclamation, to be exact. 😎 And at a mere 0.277 lbs, I’m as light as a ghostly whisper, but with a glow that’s anything but quiet! 🌚

Flash, Blink, or Steady, my lighting modes are a candy corn delight! Remove the pull tab, press the button, and watch the magic unfold. Whether you’re showing off at a costume contest or trick-or-treating, I’ll ensure you’re the shining star! 🎉

So, are you ready to light up your Halloween with me, Pandora Phantasm? Let’s bring on the radiant mischief this All Hallows’ Eve! 👻💡🕷️

  • 👻 Say hello to Pandora Phantasm, a 38″ long LED Candy Corn Necklace that lights up your Halloween like never before! 🎃
  • 🍬 Crafted to scare off the pesky spirits, this necklace adds an extra layer of protection and fun to your Halloween adventures. 👀
  • 💡 Featuring bright white LED light, this necklace illuminates your path while you’re out trick or treating. 🏮
  • 🔁 Comes with 3 light functions: Flash, Blink, and Steady, giving you a dynamic display of Halloween joy around your neck. 🕯️
  • ⚖️ Weighing a mere 0.277 lbs, Pandora Phantasm is a light accessory that won’t hold you down during your Halloween fun. 🏃
  • 🔋 Powered by three replaceable AG13 batteries, the festivities never stop when you’re wearing this glowing necklace. 🔆
  • 🎃 Not just a necklace, but a candy corn-loaded fashion statement that makes you stand out at any Halloween gathering. 👗
  • 🎁 Ideal to hand out as party favors, these necklaces are the perfect token of a memorable, light-filled Halloween celebration. 🛍️
  • 👗 Whether you’re at a quirky costume contest or strolling around the neighborhood, this necklace brings light to your festive style. 🌟
  • 👻 Just pull the tab, press the button, and watch as your personal Halloween light show unfolds with each cycle of the button. 🕹️