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Flashing Fiber Optic Skull Wand with Prism Ball


LED Colors: Multicolor
Batteries: (4) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: 15″ x 2.25″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.292 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.49
3-5 $3.44
6-8 $3.39
9-11 $3.34
12-71 $3.29
72-143 $2.99
144-287 $2.89
288-479 $2.79
480+ $2.69

👻 “Greetings, folks! Name’s Spooktacoooo, your Multicolor Fiber Optic Light-Up Skull Wand. Yeah, I know, that’s a mouthful, but I promise I’m a whole lot more fun than I sound! 💀🎉

Looking for the perfect companion for Halloween Trick-or-Treating? Well, you’ve found me! Not only do I look fabulously spooky with my glowing skull head, but I’m also a sight to behold when darkness falls. I mean, who wouldn’t want a spectacularly glowing pal during the eerie Halloween night? 🌃🔮

I come with multicolor LED lights that light up my skull head, fiber optic strands, and even the crystal ball at the bottom of my handle. Talk about being thorough, huh? One press of a button and I’m ready to illuminate the night with six different LED functions. From a fun flash to a slow color change, steady glow, blue blink, red blink, and a green blink, I’ve got it all. I’m the disco of the dead, baby! 🎆💃

And guess what? I’m totally customizable. That’s right, folks, I’m printable! So, you can personalize me to match your style. Spooky and stylish, just like you. 👓👻

My impressive 15″ x 2.25″ stature is powered by four replaceable AG13 batteries, so you never have to worry about me running out of juice during your Halloween escapades. I weigh a mere 0.292 lbs – light enough to keep you company all night long. 🌕🕺

So, are you ready to say ‘Boo!’ this Halloween with me, Spooktacoooo, your ever-reliable, fun-tastic, Multicolor Fiber Optic Light-Up Skull Wand?” 🎃🌈

  • 💡 Multicolor Delight: Enthrall everyone with the magnificent multicolor LED lights of Spooktacoooo, your Fiber Optic Light Up Skull Wand. Perfect for a truly spooky Halloween celebration. 🎃
  • 👻 Spooky Skull Design: Adorned with a light-up skull head, this wand guarantees to add that perfect touch of eeriness to your Halloween escapades. It’s all about the spookiness with Spooktacoooo! 💀
  • 🎉 Multiple Lighting Modes: With six unique lighting modes – Flash, Slow Color Change, Steady, Blue Blink, Red Blink, and Green Blink – you’re always one button away from a fantastic light show. 🌈
  • 📏 Impressive Dimensions: Standing at 15″ x 2.25″, this LED wand is the perfect size to make an impact without being cumbersome. It’s the right size for the right kind of fun! 👌
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Equipped with four AG13 batteries, your Halloween fun never has to end. Need to replace them after a long night? Not to worry, it’s as easy as saying ‘Boo!’. 👀
  • ⚖️ Lightweight Companion: Weighing just 0.292 lbs, Spooktacoooo ensures you can enjoy your Halloween night without feeling weighed down. This wand is all about the fun, not the weight! 💃
  • 🖌️ Customizable Fun: Spooktacoooo is printable! This means you can customize this LED wand to match your unique Halloween style. Personalization has never been this spooky! 🎨
  • 🔮 Magical Crystal Ball: Boasting a light-up crystal ball at the bottom of the handle, Spooktacoooo promises to be more than just a wand. It’s a magical companion for a magical night. 🌟
  • 🎁 Perfect Halloween Gift: Looking for a unique, fun gift for Halloween? Spooktacoooo, the Light Up Skull Wand is the perfect choice to light up anyone’s Halloween. 🎊
  • 🧒 Children’s Delight: Loved by children and adults alike, Spooktacoooo is the perfect companion for Halloween Trick-or-Treating, ensuring a spooky good time for all! 👪

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