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Flashing Crazy Hair Puffer Duck Pack of 6


🦆 Vibrant LED Glow: Featuring dazzling red and blue LEDs, our Puffer Duck lights up the night with a gentle bump, flashing brightly to delight users of all ages. 💡✨

🌈 Colorful Variety: Available in an array of hues – blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow – these ducks add a splash of color to any event or collection. 🎨

🚫💧 Water-Free Fun: Designed for dry play, these LED Ducks ensure safety and longevity by avoiding water exposure. Perfect for indoor entertainment! 🛑

🔋 Built-In Magic: With non-replaceable batteries included, these ducks are ready to light up your life right out of the box. No fuss, just fun! 🎁

📏 Perfectly Pocket-Sized: Measuring 1.5″ x 1.75″, these ducks are the ideal size for hands big and small, making them easy to carry and play with anywhere. 🌍

🎈 Easy Activation: A simple bump on the bottom brings the duck to life, flashing its LEDs for about 13 seconds of glowing entertainment. 🔘

🎉 Party Favorites: An absolute hit at parties, these flashing ducks make for excellent favors, lighting up goodie bags and Easter baskets alike. 🛍️

🦆 Durable and Squeezable: Crafted for fun, these Puffer Ducks can be squeezed, stretched, and tossed, bouncing back to their original shape every time. 💪

💫 Magical Nighttime Companion: Whether for bedtime stories or late-night parties, these glowing ducks create a whimsical atmosphere that captivates and charms. 🌜

🎊 Ideal for Any Occasion: From Chicago Duck Derby preparations to birthday bashes, these LED Puffer Ducks are sure to add fun and flair to any event. 🏆

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1 $9.39
2-3 $9.34
4-11 $9.29
12-23 $9.24
24-47 $9.49
48-95 $9.09
96-191 $8.04
192+ $7.99
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🦆 Quack up, folks! Duckie here, your flashy companion and the life of the party at the Chicago Duck Derby 2024! Let me waddle you through why I’m not your average bath-time buddy.” 🎉

First off, I’m decked out in an array of colors: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Why settle for one color when you can have the whole rainbow? 🌈 Plus, with a simple bump on my bottom, I light up like the Fourth of July sky, flashing my red and blue LEDs for a solid 13 seconds. It’s like I’m throwing my own mini rave every time you give me a tap! 💃🕺

Now, let me set the scene for you. Imagine this: The Chicago Duck Derby 2024 is just around the corner, and the preparations are in full swing. There’s just one tiny problem— the ducks are all too serious! In comes Duckie, the Flashing Crazy Hair Puffer Duck, ready to lighten the mood. With my funky, squishable body and blinking lights, I become the unofficial mascot, teaching all those too-serious ducks how to let loose and party. 🎈

As we gear up for the derby, I find myself tossed, squeezed, and stretched in all directions, proving I’m not just a pretty face but also a durable party animal. Remember, I’m not a fan of water, so keep me dry, and I’ll keep the party lit! 🚫💧

Despite my non-replaceable battery, I promise to keep the fun going as long as possible. Sized perfectly at 1.5″ x 1.75″, I fit right into the palm of your hand or any party favor bag, making me the ultimate goodie for any occasion, especially the Chicago Duck Derby. 🏁

So, if you’re looking for a puffer duck that knows how to party, look no further. Duckie, the Flashing Crazy Hair Puffer Duck, is here to bring the bling and the zing to your next event. Let’s make this duck derby the most unforgettable one yet, with a splash of color and a dash of light! 🎊

Remember, life’s too short for dull ducks. Grab your very own Duckie and let’s quack this party up! 🎆