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Fashion LED Bracelet Blue


* LED Colors: Blue
* Batteries: (3) AG3, Replaceable
* Dimensions: 2.25″ Diam.


Quantity Price
1-2 $1.79
3-5 $1.67
6-11 $1.64
12-47 $1.69
48-143 $1.64
144-287 $1.59
288-575 $1.54
576-1151 $1.49
1152+ $1.44
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Hey, party-goers! 😁
I am BlueBlast, your Sky-Lit LED Fashion Bracelet! With my dazzling blue LED lights, I am the life of any celebration, especially those rocking 4th of July parades. 🎉

Representing the vibrant blue of your proud American flag, I am here to ensure that your spirit shines as bright as the fireworks in the sky.💥

Despite my luminous personality, I am super light, weighing only 0.083 lbs. With a snug diameter of 2.25″, I promise a comfortable and stylish fit around your wrist.💙

You’ll never have to worry about the party ending too soon because I come with three AG3 batteries that are easily replaceable! This means the party goes on and on and on… 🌃

To put me on, simply pull out the side of the bracelet that is connected to the battery housing, wrap me around your wrist, and slide the piece back to secure it. Easy as pie, right? 🥧

And that’s not all! Activate me by pressing firmly on the button located on the inside of the bracelet’s battery housing. I offer you three marvelous light functions – Quick Flash, Slower Flash, or Steady Light. Set me according to your mood and let’s rock the night!🕺

So, are you ready to make your Fourth of July party more vibrant and patriotic with me, BlueBlast, the Sky-Lit LED Fashion Bracelet? Because I can’t wait to light up the night with you! 🎇🇺🇸

  • 🎆 The BlueBlast Sky-Lit LED Fashion Bracelet is your ultimate accessory for a radiant 4th of July parade. 🇺🇸
  • 💙 Dressed in vibrant blue LED lights, this bracelet mirrors the energy and enthusiasm of your patriotic celebrations. 💫
  • 🕺 Offering three versatile light functions – Quick Flash, Slower Flash, or Steady Light – the BlueBlast bracelet makes you the showstopper! 🌟
  • 🍃 Despite its vivid lights, the BlueBlast bracelet is remarkably lightweight at only 0.083 lbs, promising all-day comfort. 👌
  • 📐 With a comfortable diameter of 2.25″, the BlueBlast bracelet ensures an effortless and stylish fit around your wrist. ✨
  • 🔋 Powered by three AG3 batteries that come with the bracelet, BlueBlast guarantees non-stop party vibes! 🎉
  • 🔄 The batteries of the BlueBlast bracelet are conveniently replaceable, ensuring the lights never go out on your fun times. 🎊
  • 🎁 The BlueBlast bracelet is a stunning gift for friends and family who love to bring the sparkle to any celebration. 🎈
  • 🛠️ To wear, simply pull out the side of the bracelet connected to the battery housing, wrap around your wrist, and slide back to secure. Easier than you thought, right? 👏
  • 💎 The BlueBlast bracelet is not just a stylish accessory but a fantastic conversation starter, making you stand out at every event! 💃

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