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Ultra Electro Luminescent Sunglasses Pink and Green for Mardi Gras


🌈 LED Power! Sport vibrant Pink | Green colors that make night-time events pop with electric charm.

🔋 Easy Power Up! Just load (2) AA batteries – replace them anytime for endless glow!

📏 Compact Design! At 6.25″ x 6″ x 2″, they’re the perfect fit for any face, any place.

📌 Clip & Go! A handy clip on the battery pack ensures your shades stay with you, hands-free.

🎉 Party Ready! Remove the pull tab, press the button, and you’re set to shine.

✨ Flash Mode! Unleash a burst of pulsating light to turn heads at any scene.

💫 Blinking Beauty! A gentle blink pattern that’s perfect for setting a groovy vibe.

🔆 Steady Glow! Keep a constant aura of cool with the steady light function.

🕺 Dancefloor Durable! Designed to stay put, no matter how much you groove.

🎭 Versatile Fashion! From Mardi Gras to dance clubs, they’re the ultimate accessory.

Quantity Price
1-2 $14.39
3-5 $14.29
6-8 $14.19
9-11 $14.09
12-47 $13.99
48-143 $13.69
144-287 $13.49
288-575 $13.29
576+ $12.99

Hey there, human! I’m HappyYipie, the face accessory from the future that’s crash-landed straight into your retro dreams! 😎🚀 I’m not just any pair of shades; I’m the Totally ’80s EL Wire Shades, the life of every party and the neon whisperer of every dance floor! 🌟

With my slick black shell and groovy Pink and Green EL Wire, I’m all about framing your peepers with more pizzazz than a disco ball. I’m the ultimate wingman at Festivals, the belle of the ball at Mardi Gras, and the undeniable king of cool at Dance Clubs. 💃🕺

I sport LED colors that scream “Look at me!” with Pink | Green hues that can outshine any strobe light. And guess what? I’m powered by (2) AA batteries, totally replaceable to keep the party going until the break of dawn. 😜🔋

I measure a sleek 6.25″ x 6″ x 2″, and my battery pack? It’s got a clip! Just snap it onto your pocket and move like you’ve never moved before. 💼👍

Ready for the magic? Just yank my pull tab from the battery pack and hit the button. Voilà! Watch me go through my 3 epic LED functions:

  • Flash like a lightning storm ⚡
  • Blink like a cheeky firefly 🌟
  • Steady like your love for the ’80s 🎶

So, what are you waiting for? Slip me on and let’s light up this gig! With HappyYipie on your face, you’re not just wearing shades, you’re wearing an attitude. An ’80s one. An awesome one. And definitely the brightest one! 🌈

Remember, life’s too short for boring shades. Grab a pair of HappyYipie and become the legend you were born to be – one neon glow at a time! 🕶️✨

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