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Electro Luminescent Cat Animal Ears Headband Blue


  • 🐱 Blue EL Wire Magic: Dive into the ethereal world of neon with our Blue EL Wire Cat Ears, ensuring you shine brighter than a diamond in any setting.
  • 🎃 Halloween Special: Elevate your Halloween game! Ditch those regular props and shine through the darkest of nights with these Halloween Cat Ears.
  • 🌟 LED Excellence: Our LED Kitty Ears don’t just illuminate; they define style. Crafted with perfection, they’re the epitome of club fashion and festival wear.
  • 🕺 Two Light Modes: Choose your vibe! Go steady with the Still Light or turn up the party energy with the Blinking mode. Your mood, your choice!
  • 🔋 Easy-Peasy Power: With just one AAA battery, which is replaceable, you can keep the glow going all night long. So, no stopping the fun!
  • 📐 Perfect Dimensions: Sized at 6.50 x 5.60 x 1 inches, it’s designed to be the perfect fit, ensuring comfort and style aren’t compromised.
  • 🍃 Feather Light: At just 0.154 lbs, it’s as light as a feather. Dance, jump, or spin, you’ll barely feel its weight!
  • 😺 Cosplay Ready: From kitten cosplay events to theatrical performances, be the star of any show. Your audience won’t resist the allure!
  • 🔊 Whispering Sounds: The E.L. emits a delicate high-pitched sound, like a secret cat whisper, making you all the more intriguing.
  • 🔄 Hassle-Free Activation: Get the party started in a flash! Simply slide the switch on the battery house, and you’re ready to rock the night.
Quantity Price
1-2 $9.59
3-5 $9.49
6-8 $9.39
9-11 $9.29
12-71 $8.99
72-143 $8.79
144-287 $8.69
288-503 $8.59
504+ $7.99

Hey there, it’s me, Catleya! 🐱 Guess what? I’ve turned into the grooviest cat on the block with my electrifying Blue EL Wire Cat Ears. No regular feline here, just the most dazzling kitty you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Ready to know more? Brace yourself! 😸

Ever felt the urge to stand out at a Halloween party or just, you know, a random Tuesday night? Those LED Kitty Ears on my head are the secret. Light them up and watch as every human and feline turns their head in awe. 🌟

Dying to be the most purr-fect creature at the club? My Halloween Cat Ears got you covered. Whether it’s kitten cosplay or just a whimsical day out with friends, I guarantee you’ll be the cat’s meow! 🎉

Worried about setup? Psssh! It’s so simple even a cat could do it. Just slide that little switch and choose between the magical still light or the irresistible blinking mode. 💡

Did I mention my voice? Oh, it’s nothing too loud. Just a tiny high-pitched sound, kind of like a secret feline language that tells everyone ‘Look how meow-some I am!’ 😉

So, ready to light up the night and have the most meow-gical evening? Strap me on and let’s be purrfect together. And remember, sexy Halloween night parties will never be the same with us. Cheers to the feline fun! 😺🎈