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Electro Luminescent Cat Animal Ears Headband Pink


  • 🎀 Bask in Pink Brilliance: Introducing the dazzling Pink EL Wire Cat Ears, crafted to perfection to ensure you shimmer like the star you are, wherever you go.
  • 🌙 Halloween Sensation: Ready to stand out this Halloween? Our cat ears aren’t just accessories; they’re a statement. Be the talk of every spooky soirée!
  • 🎉 LED Perfection: Fitted with premium pink LEDs, these Kitty Ears are the essence of club couture and festival vibes, combining style and function seamlessly.
  • 🎈 Two Illuminating Modes: Whether you’re in the mood for constant glow or rhythmic blinking, a simple switch caters to every mood and occasion.
  • 🔋 Power-Packed Performance: Operated by a single AAA battery, easily replaceable, ensuring you’re the glowing sensation all night, every night.
  • 📐 Snug and Stylish: With dimensions of 6.50 x 5.60 x 1 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and chic, offering a flawless fit.
  • 🍂 Ultra-Light Design: Weighing a mere 0.154 lbs, dance, prance or flounce around without feeling weighed down.
  • 😼 Cosplay Ready: Whether it’s a kitten-themed event or a theatrical act, these ears ensure you steal the limelight effortlessly.
  • 🔊 Soft Sonic Feature: The subtle high-pitched sound emitted is like our little secret, adding a touch of mystery to your radiant persona.
  • 🕺 Swift Activation: Dive into the luminous world in a jiffy; just slide the switch, and voila! The night is yours to conquer.
Quantity Price
1-2 $9.59
3-5 $9.49
6-8 $9.39
9-11 $9.29
12-71 $8.99
72-143 $8.79
144-287 $8.69
288-503 $8.59
504+ $7.99

Hey, purr-fect beings! It’s me, Cathy. 🐾 Guess who’s been dipped in the magic potion of LED? Yep, that’s right, it’s yours truly. Pink and proud, let’s meow about my charm! 😺

I’m not just your average Pink EL Wire Cat Ears. Oh no, honey! I’m the fab feline accessory every cat lover’s dreams are made of. Shine at the club or during a random strut downtown. You know, whenever you fancy being the center of attention! 🌟

Are you a fan of Halloween? Trust me, slap on these Halloween Cat Ears and you’ll have everyone from witches to warlocks wanting a piece of this radiant action. 😈

LED Kitty Ears? Check. Ready for kitten cosplay? Check. Want to be the most dazzling kitty at any party? Double-check! And guess what? With a slide of a switch, you can choose to be a steady star or a blinking sensation. Decisions, decisions! 💃

Ahhh, the sound of beauty. Did I mention my slight high-pitched whisper? Think of it as a secret code, only for those privileged enough to wear me. 🎶

Sexy Halloween night party coming up? With my light up magic, you won’t just enter the room; you’ll own it. So, if you’re ready for an electrifying night out, let me perch atop your pretty head and together, we’ll paint the town pink! 💕

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