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Drink Stirrers

1-5 $3.99
6-11 $2.49
12-23 $1.29
24-47 $1.27
48-95 $1.24
96-191 $1.19
192-479 $1.14
480-959 $1.09
960-1919 $1.04
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Product Description

If your drink needs a mix, a stir or a swizzle. Get our light up drink stirrer and you’ll be the shizzle. Perfect for night clubs, parties or bars. A twelve pack has four circles, four hearts, four moons and four stars. Prices below reflect the number of stirrers you’ll get. So an order of 1 will contain 1 stirrer. To activate, simply twist the top of the piece clockwise until on. To deactivate, twist counterclockwise until off. Dimensions: (Sizes will differ slightly depending on shape) Height: 9.0 in. , 22.86 cm. Width: 1.3 in. , 3.30 cm. Stirrer Colors: Blue, Jade, Red LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red (Each with its respective stirrer color) Batteries: Batteries for this product are NOT replaceable.