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Disco Ball Prism LED Rocks Glass


  • 🌈 Meet Franco, the Disco Ball Light Projecting LED Cup! His radiant colors will turn any drink into a groovy, luminous experience.
  • 🔴🟢🔵 Red, Green, Blue, he can do it all. His LED lights brighten up your drinks, setting the perfect party mood.
  • 🥤 Standing at 4 inches tall and with a width of 3.375 inches at the brim, Franco isn’t your average cup. He’s a tall, full-fledged party companion!
  • 🎊 Light as a feather at 0.305 lbs, Franco is easy to carry around your festive gatherings without being a burden.
  • 💡 Press Franco’s button to activate a mesmerizing show of lights. He takes you through 1 of 8 different color functions for the ultimate party ambiance.
  • 🔄 Equipped with replaceable AG13 batteries, Franco ensures the fun never stops. Just pop in new ones to keep the party going.
  • 🕺 Franco isn’t just a cup, he’s a spectacle! Whether it’s different still color patterns or a full-on rainbow color change, Franco’s got your back.
  • 🎈 From parties to festivals, concerts to cookouts, Franco is a stunning statement piece that’ll make any event unforgettable.
  • 🎁 Franco, the Disco Ball Light Projecting LED Cup, is the perfect gift for your party-loving friends. He brings a whole new level of fun to any occasion!
  • 🥂 Enjoy your favorite beverage in Franco and let him turn every sip into a dazzling light show. He’s not just a cup, he’s the life of the party!
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.54
6-8 $3.49
9-11 $3.39
12-47 $3.29
48-95 $3.19
96-239 $3.09
240-479 $2.99
480+ $2.89

Hey there party people! 🎉 I’m Franco, the Disco Ball Light Projecting LED Cup! 🍹🕺

I’m not your average, everyday cup. Oh no, I’m a cup with a show! Red, green, blue – my LED lights have got it all. Talk about a party in a cup! 🌈

Size matters? You bet it does. With my stunning 4″ height and a brim of 3.375″, I’m here to hold your drinks in style. And hey, at 8 oz., I’m definitely not a shot glass, but a full-fledged party companion. 🍸

And with my weight of 0.305 lbs, I’m light enough to carry around, but heavy enough to keep your drink steady. No more party fouls on my watch! 🚫🥴

My replaceable AG13 batteries mean the party never stops! Just pop in new ones when you’re ready to keep the good times rolling. 🔄🔋

Now, let’s talk about my pièce de résistance, my 8 color functions. With just a press of my button, I can display different still color patterns, color combinations, and even a full-on rainbow color change. I’m pretty much your personal light show. 🌈🎇

So, what do you say? Ready to add a dash of disco to your party? Let’s light up the night together with every sip! 🥳🌟