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Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband


  • 🕺 Ultimate Disco Vibe: The Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband is designed for those who breathe the disco era, making you the center of attention at every dance event.
  • 🎶 Perfect Party Companion: Whether it’s raves, concerts, festivals, or cosplay conventions, this headband is your go-to dance partner, ensuring you stand out in style.
  • 👽 Iconic Antennae Design: Featuring approximately 4″ long antennae, the head bopper ensures a playful and funky look, reminiscent of the classic disco balls.
  • 🎉 Versatile Usage: Not just for the dance floor, it’s also a quirky addition for Halloween parties, ensuring your costume shines even brighter.
  • 🌍 Eco-friendly & Battery-Free: Crafted with the environment in mind, there’s no need for batteries. This headband thrives on your natural energy and spirit.
  • 💡 No Lights, No Problem: While it doesn’t light up, its reflective design ensures you shimmer and shine under every spotlight or flash.
  • 👑 Universal Fit: Designed as a one-size-fits-most, it comfortably sits on varied head sizes, ensuring everyone can join the disco fun.
  • 🪶 Feather-Light: Weighing a mere 0.322 lbs, it guarantees hours of wear without any discomfort, letting you dance the night away.
  • 🎁 Affordable Fashion Statement: A unique nightclub fashion accessory that doesn’t break the bank yet amplifies your outfit exponentially.
  • 💃 Be the Groove: More than just an accessory, it’s an invitation to let loose, dance, and be the life of the party.
Quantity Price
1-2 $1.19
3-5 $1.18
6-8 $1.17
9-11 $1.16
12-71 $1.15
72-143 $1.14
144-287 $1.12
288-575 $1.09
576-1151 $1.04
1152+ $0.99

As you walk into the party, your senses are immediately overwhelmed. The music is thumping, the lights are flashing, and there are people dancing everywhere. And then, as you start to make your way through the crowd, you notice something strange. There are several aliens in attendance. At first, you’re a little taken aback. You’ve heard stories about aliens before, but you’ve never actually seen one in real life. But then, as you start to take in your surroundings, you realize that this is no ordinary party.

This is a party for aliens and humans alike, and everyone is here to have a good time. That’s when you notice it – the Alien Party Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband. It’s sitting on a table near the entrance, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s topped with a disco ball that’s shining bright. It’s clear that this headband was made for a party like this, and you know that you have to have it. You walk over to the table and pick up the headband. It’s surprisingly lightweight, but it feels sturdy in your hands.

You’re mesmerized by the way the light bounces off of the disco balls, and you know that you’re going to be the life of the party with this headband on. As you make your way through the crowd, you notice that people are staring at you. Some of them are pointing, while others are nodding their heads in approval.

You realize that the Alien Party Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband is the perfect conversation starter – it’s a way to break the ice and connect with people from all walks of life. And then, as you turn a corner, you see them – the aliens. They’re standing in a group, and they’re watching you with interest. You take a deep breath and walk over to them, knowing that this headband is going to be the thing that brings you all together. As you approach, you see that they’re wearing their own versions of the headband. They’re covered in glitter and neon lights, and they’re just as mesmerizing as yours. You smile at them, and they smile back.

And then, without a word, you start to dance. The music is thumping, and the lights are flashing, and you’re surrounded by aliens and humans alike. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and you know that you’ll never forget this moment. The Alien Party Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband has brought you all together, and you’re all here to have the time of your lives. As the night wears on, you dance and laugh and make new friends.

You realize that, no matter where you’re from or what you look like, everyone just wants to have a good time. And with the Alien Party Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband, you know that the good times will keep on rolling.

Bop, and the feelers bop with you!

You cannot deny that the disco ball is our most treasured party symbol. This marvelous Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband gives your costume a finishing touch! Boost your confidence in the dance floor with these unique head boppers. Bouncy metal springs connect the balls to a flexible metal headband.

This Disco Ball Head Bopper Headband tells everyone. Reflecting fractals of light and does not require batteries. Thus, this is perfect for all occasions!

Customer Reviews

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Marc Fitzgerald
Head Booper

They were excellent at a recent party.