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Cosmic Red LED Bracelets Magnetic Clasp


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.19
3-5 $3.09
9-11 $2.99
12-59 $2.94
60-95 $2.89
96-239 $2.74
240-479 $2.64
480-959 $2.54
960+ $2.44

Well, hello there, my earthbound friends! 🌟 I am Twinkly’s Trailblazer: Red Cosmic Comedy Edition, your sparkling sidekick, born from a spectacular stellar stumble.

Once upon a cosmic time, I was a giggling star named Twinkly. One day, I decided to skate on a shooting star’s trail – quite the adrenaline junkie, I am! And oh boy, did that result in a spectacular tumble down to Earth. As I spiraled down, I transformed into what you see now, a “Cosmic Red LED Neon Bracelet,” twinkling with all my might and mirth.🌠

Bedazzled with RED LED colors, I’m like a fragment of the cosmos, snugly wrapped around your wrist. Although I weigh only 0.05 lbs, my luminescence is hefty, sure to catch the eye of every stargazer.🔴

Created to be the perfect fit for most explorers, my dimensions are a compact 8″ x 1″. The addition of a magnetic clasp adds an extra sprinkle of cosmic convenience to my design.

But here’s the stellar part: I run on (2) CR1220 batteries. And guess what? They’re completely replaceable! So, our journey through the night needn’t have an end. All you have to do to ignite my stellar glow is flip a switch on my side, and I’ll light up with a steady function, a silent promise to brighten your every adventure.🔋🌟

So, come on! Let’s illuminate every Fourth of July celebration, every nighttime stroll, and every starlit soirée together. With Twinkly’s Trailblazer: Red Cosmic Comedy Edition, every journey will be as radiant as a shooting star, trailing laughter and light across the night sky. 🎆🇺🇸🎇

  • 🎇 Twinkly’s Trailblazer: Get your hands on the “Cosmic Red LED Neon Bracelet,” a manifestation of the comedic cosmic tumble of our star, Twinkly.
  • 🌌 Stellar Design: Resembling a “Cosmic Red LED Bracelet” from other galaxies, it’s your passport to a universe of laughter and light.
  • 🔴 Cosmic Red: Drenched in the vibrancy of RED LED lights, it echoes the hues of a blushing nebula, instantly capturing the attention of stargazers.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Lightweight Accessory: Weighing a minuscule 0.05 lbs, it won’t hamper your Fourth of July celebrations, but instead, it will add a dash of cosmic sparkle.
  • 📏 One Size Fits Most: With dimensions of 8″ x 1″, it’s designed to comfortably fit most wrists, ensuring everyone can enjoy a slice of the cosmos.
  • 🔒 Magnetic Clasp: For your convenience, it includes a magnetic clasp, making it easy to don and secure during your interstellar adventures.
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: It operates on (2) CR1220 batteries. And guess what? They’re entirely replaceable, ensuring your journey through the cosmos never dims.
  • 🎆 One-Flip Activation: Just flip a switch located on the side to ignite a steady function, promising to brighten your every adventure.
  • 🎉 Perfect for Celebrations: Be it Fourth of July parties or nighttime strolls, the Cosmic Red LED Neon Bracelet will surely light up every occasion.
  • 🌠 Educational Fun: The bracelet’s backstory of Twinkly, the tumbling star, brings an entertaining twist to astronomy, making learning a fun-filled affair.