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Cosmic Green LED Bracelets Magnetic Clasp


💚 Galactic Green: Adorn your wrist with the cosmic hue of green LEDs, perfect for starry nights and interstellar parties.

🔄 Power Swap: My two CR1220 batteries are as replaceable as stars in the sky, ensuring endless luminescence.

📏 Sleek Fit: At 8 inches long and 1 inch wide, I’m the sleek, cosmic bracelet that complements any outfit or galaxy.

🧲 Magnetic Magic: Equipped with a magnetic clasp, I snap on with ease, keeping your style locked in place.

💡 Stellar Shine: Flip my switch for a steady stream of celestial glow that rivals the constellations.

🎊 Party Pro: From raves to festivals, I am the green gleam in the sea of dancers, a true beacon of fun.

🍀 Leprechaun’s Choice: Be the envy of St. Paddy’s with me, your lucky green charm that outshines a four-leaf clover.

🎨 Monochrome Radiance: Dipped in a singular shade of green, I offer a burst of color as vivid as the Northern Lights.

🔋 Battery Life: My energy-efficient design means more time dancing under the stars and less time charging.

🌟 Cosmic Companion: Not just a bracelet, I am your guide through the galaxy of night, leading you to otherworldly adventures.

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.19
3-5 $3.09
6-11 $2.99
12-59 $2.94
60-95 $2.89
96-239 $2.74
240-479 $2.64
480-959 $2.54
960+ $2.44

Call me Maeda, the Cosmic Green LED Bracelet that’s here to add a supernova of style to your wrist action! 💚✨ Whether you’re busting a move or raising a toast, I’m the wrist candy that says, “Look at me, I’m fabulous!”

With dimensions that scream “perfect fit” at 8″ x 1″, and a magnetic clasp that snaps faster than you can say “Leprechaun,” I’m the hassle-free accessory you’ve been dreaming of. 🧲💫

Packing a punch with two CR1220 batteries (totally replaceable, by the way), I’m not just a pretty face; I’m the light of the party that keeps on shining. 🎉🔋 To get this cosmic party started, just flip my switch for a steady stream of starlight. 🌟

Now, let me tell you about my St. Paddy’s Day escapade. There I was, sitting amongst other earthly trinkets, when Sean, the party planner extraordinaire, spotted me. It was love at first sight! 🍀👀

He strapped me on, and we hit the town. From the club to the streets, we were a dynamic duo, his dance moves and my cosmic glow. People couldn’t help but stare; we were like a mobile disco! 🕺💃

So, whether you’re hitting the clubs, partying at festivals, or just out to make everyday life a bit more extraordinary, let Maeda be your guide. Together, we’ll make sure you’re not just part of the crowd – you’re leading the parade! 🥳🎈