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Color Changing Magic Spiral Wand


  • 🌌 Discover the enchanting allure of Solaires, your very own Spiral Light LED Magic Wizard Wand, ready to dazzle and hypnotize onlookers with its luminous aura.
  • 🌀 Unleash your inner sorcerer! A rapid shake creates mesmerizing light trails, making you the star wizard of any gathering.
  • 🪄 Bedecked with a trinity of LED colors, Solaires boasts the splendor of red, blue, and green – reminiscent of the captivating Northern Lights.
  • 🎨 Power-infused with (3) AG13 batteries, Solaires ensures replaceable energy, guaranteeing endless hours of magical amusement.
  • ⚖️ With dainty dimensions of 0.75″ x 10″ and a feathery weight of just 0.086 lbs, Solaires is both a lightweight and potent magical companion.
  • 🌟 Summon the magic with ease! A simple button press located on the handle cycles through 3 beguiling LED functions: the dynamic Strobe, the vivacious Flash, and a spellbinding Flash/Blink Combination.
  • 🎇 Complete with a sophisticated silk lanyard, Solaires ensures convenience and style, letting you keep the magic close to your heart.
  • 🍃 Perfect for aspiring wizards, fantasy-themed events, or just those moments when you need a dash of whimsy and wonder in your life.
  • 🛠️ Engineered for easy activation, Solaires is user-friendly, making magic accessible to both novice and adept magicians.
  • 🎁 Gift the enchantment of the Spiral Light Wand, an accessory that promises to add a touch of the extraordinary to ordinary moments, making memories magical.
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-5 $2.24
6-8 $2.19
9-11 $2.14
12-71 $2.09
72-143 $2.04
144-287 $1.99
288-575 $1.94
576+ $1.89

Hello, mortal realm! 🪄 I’m Solaires, the one wand to rule them all. Okay, I might not be from Middle-Earth, but trust me, I’ve got enough sparkle to rival any Elven jewel. ✨

Yearning for a little magic in your life? Tired of those basic wands that couldn’t turn a frog into a prince even if they tried? Well, lucky for you, your enchanting journey begins with a swish and flick of yours truly, the Spiral Light LED Magic Wizard Wand. 🌀🔮

Get this – with just a rapid shake, I create mesmerizing light trails that will have onlookers wondering if Hogwarts just released a new batch of wizards. Want to perform a sonorus spell at your next party? I’ve got you covered! 🌌

I’m dressed in the finest LED colors: a vibrant blend of red, blue, and green. It’s like the Northern Lights, but pocket-sized and without the freezing temperatures! 🎨

And oh, my power source? A mere (3) AG13 batteries. They’re replaceable, which means we can embark on many magical adventures together. Just don’t leave me in Azkaban if they run out! ⚡

Flaunting elegant dimensions of 0.75″ x 10″, I’m your slender yet mighty magical partner. And guess what? I weigh only 0.086 lbs – lighter than a Golden Snitch! 🍃

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Activating me is easier than pronouncing “Wingardium Leviosa” correctly. Whip off that pull tab, hit the button on my handle, and voila! Choose from three spellbinding LED functions: Strobe for when you’re feeling dazzling, Flash for that attention-grabbing entrance, and a Flash/Blink Combo for when you just can’t decide. 💥

Did I mention the nifty silk lanyard I come with? Keep me close and never miss a moment of enchantment. 🎇

So, whether you’re a budding Merlin or just someone looking for a sprinkle of magic, let me, Solaires, be your guiding light. We’re going to conjure up a storm! 🌪🪄🌌