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Slow Color Changing 2.7 Inch Mini Gift Box


  1. 🎨 Diverse LED Spectrum: Illuminate your festivities with a captivating blend of Red, Green, and Blue LED colors, ensuring every corner radiates with holiday spirit.
  2. 🔴🟢🔵 Triple Color Brilliance: Experience the joy of three vibrant LED shades – Red, Green, and Blue – harmoniously merging to light up every occasion.
  3. 🔋 AG10 Battery Power: Never let the light dim on your celebrations! Powered by three AG10 batteries, this ornament ensures an uninterrupted glow.
  4. 🔄 Replaceable Batteries for Continuous Glow: With the convenience of replaceable AG10 batteries, ensure that the shimmer of your ornament never fades away.
  5. 📏 Ideal Mini Dimensions: Measuring a compact yet conspicuous 2.7 x 2.7 inches, it seamlessly fits into any festive decor setup.
  6. 🎄 Perfect Christmas Tree Addition: With its 2.7-inch size, this mini ornament dangles gracefully, adding a touch of LED magic to your tree.
  7. 🎁 Unwrap the LED Magic: Although it doesn’t open, its glowing allure promises to unwrap the joys of the festive season in its 2.7″ x 2.7″ frame.
  8. 🌟 Easy Activation Process: Jumpstart the LED magic effortlessly. Remove the pull tab, flip the switch, and behold the mesmerizing color transition.
  9. 💡 One Function, Endless Awe: While it boasts a single color-changing function, the impact is manifold, casting a spellbinding light show.
  10. 🚫 Purely Decorative: Crafted for pure aesthetic delight, this mini light box is a feast for the eyes without the functionality of opening up.

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Hey there! 😄 I’m Robin, your sparkly, cube-tastic friend. Or, as you might call me, the Mini Light Up Gift Box Ornament! I may be small in size, but trust me, I pack a punch in the festive cheer department! 🎁✨

Planning to deck your halls? Why settle for just bells and stars when you can have LED ornaments? While others have baubles, you can boast about having a luminous gift box like me, twinkling from your tree branches. 🌲💡

If you’re thinking of stuffing those stockings, think beyond the socks and candy. Imagine the delightful surprise when they pull out a tiny LED Gift like me. Oh, and about DIY table centerpieces? Place me in, and instantly you’ve got a conversation starter! 🎅🔮

Diving into my specs: I shimmer in Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. Hosting a soirée? Juice me up with my (3) AG10 replaceable batteries, and watch me gracefully transition between my radiant colors. And my size? I’m a cute and dainty cube at 2.7″ x 2.7″. Perfect for those intricate decor touches! 🛋️🎉

To set my glow in motion, simply remove the pull tab underneath and flip that switch. And a little secret: I believe in the “enjoy the journey” motto, so I change colors in a leisurely, mesmerizing way. I promise, it’s a sight to behold! 🐢🌈

A gentle reminder from a mini box like me: I’m all for the aesthetic, so please curb the curiosity to peek inside. I don’t open (I value my privacy!). But in return, I pledge to light up and elevate your festive ambience! 🚫🎁❤️