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Wearable Christmas Lights Necklace


• Length:30 in.
• Six of the “bulbs’ light up.
• LED Colors: 3 Red 3 Jade
• Batteries: 2 Replaceable batteries pre-installed.


1-2 $3.19
3-5 $3.17
6-8 $3.14
9-11 $3.19
12-71 $3.14
72-143 $3.09
144-287 $3.04
288-575 $2.99
576+ $2.94

This Christmas while Santa is taking his flights.
Wear our necklace made from mini Christmas lights.
With light up charms at six of the nodes
You’ll have fun switching between each of two modes.
Make our necklace one of your picks.
Get Christmas Lights Necklaces up in your mix.

I’ve never personally been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, nor have I ever even worn an ugly sweater. Actually, I’ve never even worn an attractive Christmas sweater either. Can you really imagine a guy called Magic Matt in a sweater? Sweaters really just aren’t my thing, but I hear people really like to wear these necklaces with ugly Christmas sweaters. Not sure why people wear ugly sweaters, but hey, whatever lights your fire. What I can tell you is that I really do like these necklaces. When these first came out in around 2010 they were one of the most popular items we carried at the time. They are still in high demand, but our selection has grown so much since then and the Huge Old School Christmas lights necklaces have made a huge splash in the past few years. These are a lot more dainty and under control than those. These lights make great Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree, and are great toys for stocking stuffers.  These are super popular and much admired, so if you are having a Christmas party or holiday celebration, these would surely be a huge hit with your guests. Perhaps these are best as a Christmas gift idea for Mom while the chunkier old school necklaces are more suitable as a Christmas gift idea for Dad.

Length: 30 inches – Most of the “bulbs” do not light up. Only six light up. LED Colors: 3 Red 3 Jade – Batteries are replaceable.

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