Christmas Fiber Optic Flower Centerpiece


  1. 🌈 Trio of LED hues: Your centerpiece blooms in a vivid spectrum with Red, Green, and Blue LED options to match your festive theme!
  2. 🔋 Power-efficient: Just insert (3) AA batteries and watch the light show begin! Plus, they’re replaceable for endless enjoyment.
  3. 📏 Perfectly sized: At 11.5″ x 5.5″, it’s the ideal size to grace any table or room without overwhelming your space.
  4. 🎨 Color Modes Galore: Choose from 8 LED functions, including steady single colors and a mesmerizing color change sequence.
  5. 🌟 Fiber Optic Brilliance: Each stem is laced with fiber optics, ensuring your centerpiece sparkles from base to bloom.
  6. 💐 Effortless Assembly: A quick setup means more time to mingle! Simply fan out the stems for a full, vibrant flower arrangement.
  7. ✨ Long-lasting Lights: With durable LED technology, your centerpiece stays bright and cheery throughout any event or season.
  8. 🔄 Switch it Up: Easy-to-use button at the base makes switching between the 8 dazzling light modes a breeze.
  9. 📦 Safe & Compact: Arrives safely compacted for transit. Just fluff out the stems, and it’s ready to shine at your occasion.
  10. 🌿 Aesthetic Appeal: Elegantly combines the natural beauty of red flowers with the modern touch of LED lighting.

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