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Champagne Drinking Glass Long Stem


1-2 $4.39
3-5 $4.34
6-11 $4.29
12-47 $4.24
48-95 $4.19
96-239 $3.99
240-479 $3.89
480+ $3.79

Give two champagne glasses and you’ll gift them doubly. Get this light up flute for drinking bubbly. I’m not drinking sparkling wine. Don’t be insane. If it doesn’t come from France then it isn’t Champagne. If you have lots of friends then get some for them. Our flashing drink cups with the long spiral stem. Note: Some Assembly is Required to prevent breakage during shipping. Light Up Glass has a “Still” setting which allows you to view only one color continuously with up to 7 different colors to choose from. Glass also has “Rainbow” setting (shown) which quickly cycles through each of the colors. The lighted glass is acrylic. The lights are located at the base and are push-button activated. The light shines through the whole glass and the liquid in it. The acrylic is washable and the light up glass is reusable. Height: 8.5 in. , 21.59 cm. Width: 2.95 in. , 7.49 cm. Volume: 6 oz. LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red Batteries: Includes 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries. NOTE: Replacing batteries requires use of small Phillips screwdriver. Replacement requires some effort.