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Champagne Drinking Glass Long Stem


🚥 LED Trio: Equipped with Red, Blue, and Green LEDs, this glass offers a personalized light show for your sipping pleasure.

🔋 Power Up: Comes with three AG13 batteries that are replaceable, ensuring the party never ends prematurely!

📏 Sleek Size: Standing tall at 8.50 inches with a 3-inch diameter, it’s the perfect handheld beacon of festivity.

🍾 Just Right: Holds a delightful 6 oz of your preferred bubbly, ideal for toasts and cheers without the quick refill rush.

🌈 Color Carousel: Tap the base to cycle through seven mesmerizing colors, each setting the mood just right.

🎨 Mood Maker: Whether you’re feeling blue or seeing red, choose your hue to match your vibe, or let it flow color to color.

🛠️ DIY Assembly: A touch of DIY—base and glass arrive separately, ready for you to assemble and animate your event.

🖲️ Easy Activation: Say goodbye to the pull tab, hit the button underneath, and watch your drinkware come alive.

✨ Magic Touch: A simple press under the base transforms this from a classic flute to an illuminated conversation piece.

🎁 Separates to Starlight: The two-piece design ensures safe travel to your door, ready to light up when you are.

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.39
3-5 $4.34
6-11 $4.29
12-47 $4.24
48-95 $4.19
96-239 $3.99
240-479 $3.89
480+ $3.79

🥂✨ Hello there, I’m Steffi, your sparkling companion for every celebration! Why settle for plain old champagne glasses when you can elevate your toast with a rainbow at your fingertips? 🌈 My LED colors—vibrant Red, cool Blue, and lively Green—are not just shades, they’re party starters.

With just a tap under my base (yep, that’s where my magic button hides), I’ll dazzle you with seven different steady colors. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, let me put on a show with a seamless transition from one hue to another. 🌟

Crafted to hold 6 oz of bubbly, I measure up at a statuesque 3″ x 8.50″. Plus, I come with my base detached, so a little assembly gives you the chance to feel like a wizard putting together his wand. ✨

And hey, no need to worry about losing your sparkle—I’m powered by three AG13 batteries that you can easily replace to keep the party glowing. 💃🕺

To kick off the festivities, simply liberate me from my pull tab straightjacket, and let the chromatic symphony begin. Whether it’s a wedding, a low-key gathering, or just because it’s Tuesday, I’m here to make sure your moments shimmer.

Remember, life’s too short for clear glassware. Let’s make memories that are as colorful as they are clink-worthy! 🍾

Cheers to light, laughter, and a little bit of Steffi in your hand! 🎉✨