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Candy Cane White Fiber Optic Wand with White LEDs


Dimensions: 14″ x 0.75″
LED Colors: White
Mode: Flash, Strobe and Steady
Printable: No
Batteries: 4 Replaceable AG13 Batteries pre-installed


Out of stock

🎅 Hey there, sugarplums and gumdrops! I’m Reddie, your soon-to-be favorite festive pal! 🎅

🦌 Hold onto your eggnog, because I’m not just any wand; I’m a Flashing Candy Cane Fiber Optic Wand! 🦌

🎄 You think a Christmas tree is the only thing that can light up a room? Ha! Give me a twirl, and you’ll turn into the human disco ball of Christmas cheer! 🎄

⛄ Let’s talk LED colors. White as freshly fallen snow and just as magical. Yes, this isn’t a black-and-white movie; I glow in the crispest, most enchanting white LED light. Perfect for your White LED Holiday Wand needs! ⛄

🕯️ Batteries? Oh, yes, darling! I operate on four AG13 batteries, and guess what? They’re replaceable! The energy lasts longer than your awkward conversation with Aunt Susan. 🕯️

✨ Dimensions? I’m just the right size—14″ x 0.75″—so you can wave me like a wizard or a fairy godparent. With me in hand, every day feels like a School Christmas Recital Light Accessories extravaganza! ✨

🌟 My weight? Pssh, 0.07 lbs of pure awesomeness. You won’t even feel it, just like that extra slice of Christmas pie. 🌟

🔮 How do you get me started? Oh, it’s simpler than finding the pickle in a Christmas tree game. Just remove the pull tab and BAM! Press the button on the handle. What next? LED Functions for Christmas Parades, baby! Flash, Strobe, or Steady. Your choice, your show! 🔮

🎉 Trust me, I’m the epitome of Replaceable AG13 Battery Light Wand convenience and flashiness, bundled into a candy cane pattern. I’m like a sugar rush without the calories! 🎉

🎁 Whether you’re caroling, joining a parade, or simply annoying your younger sibling with flashing lights, I’m the go-to magic stick. I bring the Yuletide pizzazz that makes Rudolph’s nose seem like a flickering candle. 🎁

💡 So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this holiday season unforgettable with a wand that’s as unique as you are! If a Flashing Candy Cane Fiber Optic Wand can’t spice up your holidays, nothing will! 💡

🤗 So come on, make the ‘nice list’ this year and add a little razzle-dazzle to your festivities! 🤗

🌈 Merry Flashing, Strobing, and Steady Lighting to all, and to all a good light! 🌈

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