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Candy Cane Flashing Blinky Body Light Lapel Pins


  1. 🌈 Boasting a triad of festive colors: Dive into the holiday spirit with vibrant Red, mesmerizing Green, and calming White LEDs! Perfect for all your festive needs.
  2. 🎄 A Christmas beacon: Illuminate your celebrations with LEDs that shine brighter and make every moment magical.
  3. 🔋 Powered for the party: Comes with (2) CR927 batteries that are easily replaceable. No need for mid-party power pauses!
  4. 🔄 Sustainable fun: The replaceable batteries mean your festive lights never have to dim. Keep the fun going season after season!
  5. 📏 Size matters: With dimensions of 1.34″ x 2″, this pin is the perfect size – noticeable enough to make a statement, yet convenient to wear or carry!
  6. 🎖 Solid and sturdy: Weighing in at 0.02 lbs, it’s light enough for comfort yet has a weightiness that ensures durability and longevity.
  7. 🤏 Easy to handle: Its ergonomic design ensures you can easily attach or detach it without any fuss.
  8. 🕺💃 Perfect for any festive outfit: Its sleek dimensions and bright LEDs make it an ideal accessory for Christmas parties, parades, and family gatherings.
  9. 🎁 Gift-ready: With its impressive specifications, it makes for the perfect Christmas present for loved ones.
  10. 🎉 Be the center of attraction: Stand out at any event with the beautiful blend of Red, Green, and White LEDs lighting up your ensemble.
Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.78
10-24 $1.77
25-49 $1.74
50-99 $1.69
100-199 $1.64
200-499 $1.59
500-999 $1.49
1000+ $1.44

Hey there! I’m Mister Goodburn, your friendly LED Candy Cane Pin. 🎄✨

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Another Christmas ornament?” But trust me, I’m not just any ornament. I’m the life of the party! Or should I say, the “light” of the party? 😜

Ever been to those night-time Christmas parades and thought, “Something’s missing?” That’s right, it’s me! With my dazzling Red, Green, and White LED colors, I promise to make you the star of the show. 🌟

Company Christmas parties can sometimes be a bore. Fear not! Just pin me onto your sweater, and voila! Instant mood booster. Watch as your colleagues gather around you, mesmerized by my glow. Suddenly, you’re not just “John from accounting” but “John with the cool Light Up Candy Can Pin!” 😉

Festive family gatherings? I’ve got you covered! The little ones will adore playing with me, and let’s be honest, the adults will too. I mean, who can resist a Light Up Candy Cane? 🍭

I come with replaceable batteries (2 of the CR927 kind) and weigh just 0.02 lbs. My dimensions? A handy 1.34″ x 2″. Compact yet impactful, that’s me! 😎

To bring me to life, just remove my battery protector and press that nifty button on my back. I attach easily with a military clutch style pin, ensuring I won’t leave your side (or your shirt) throughout the evening. ❤️

So, this Christmas, if you’re looking to add a dash of sparkle, a touch of whimsy, and a whole lot of fun, remember Mister Goodburn – the Candy Cane who lights up your world! 🎅🎉