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Blue Light Saber


💙 Radiant blue LEDs: Illuminate your adventures with vibrant blue LEDs that turn every swing into a streak of cerulean spectacle.

🔋 Power-efficient: Uses three AA batteries that are easily replaceable for endless hours of luminous action.

📏 Sleek dimensions: At 1.12″ x 28″, it’s the perfect length for aspiring heroes to wield with comfort and agility.

⚔️ Heroic design: Crafted for the hands of the valiant, the hilt provides a secure grip for all your epic battles.

🌟 Steady glow: A steadfast beam of light ensures your presence is known and your path is always lit.

🚀 Instant activation: Just remove the pull tab, hit the button, and watch the galaxy light up in awe of your presence.

🤍 Dual-tone blade: A blade of white plastic awaits transformation, becoming a brilliant blue with a single press.

🎉 Party ready: Become the centerpiece at any gathering with a sword that’s more than an accessory—it’s an event.

🛡️ Durable companion: Built to last through countless duels with a sturdy construction that’s both lightweight and resilient.

✨ Magical appeal: Not just for battles, it’s a beacon for cosplay, a spark for imagination, and a shining light for every collection.

Quantity Price
1-5 $3.49
6-8 $3.44
9-11 $3.29
12-71 $3.09
72-143 $3.04
144-287 $2.99
288-575 $2.94
576-1151 $2.89
1152+ $2.84

Hello there! I’m the one and only Blue Light Saber, the glowing guardian of fun and defender against the dark (rooms). 😜🗡️ Let me tell you, when my LED colors blaze blue, I turn any mundane Monday into a cosmic carnival of light. 🌌✨

With a sturdy hilt that fits in your hand like peanut butter fits with jelly, and a blade of pure, radiant blue light, I’m not just a saber—I’m a party waiting to happen! Picture this: You’re at a shindig, the music’s bumpin’, and then bam! I show up. Suddenly, you’re not just Bob from accounting; you’re Bob, the Intergalactic Hero of the Dance Floor. 🕺💃

Now, let’s talk specs. I’m about as long as that sub you regretted eating last Tuesday, 28 inches of pure wow. And I’m powered by three AA batteries, replaceable, just like your ex. (No hard feelings, Karen.) 😂 And when I’m off, my blade’s as white as that lie you told about hitting the gym this week. But we don’t judge here. 😉

To light up the night, yank my pull tab like you’re starting a lawnmower and press my button. Voila! Steady lighting LED function to make you the beacon of cool. And when I say steady, I mean as steady as your grandpa’s old watch that’s survived the ’70s, ’80s, and your toddler’s sticky hands. 🕒👶

Let’s not forget dimensions—size matters, after all. I’m 1.12″ around the handle. That’s about the size of the odds of you winning the lottery, but hey, with me in your hand, you’ve already hit the jackpot of joy! 🎰🎉

So why settle for a night less luminous? Grab me, the Blue Light Saber, swing me around, and watch as your friends turn greener than a Martian with envy. Be the hero. Be the legend. Be the light. 💙✨

Remember, when life gives you darkness, don’t just turn on a light—ignite a saber. And not just any saber—I mean me, obviously. Because let’s face it, I’m not just cool, I’m Blue Light Saber cool. 😉🔵