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Blue Holi Powder Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon 18 Inch

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Product Description

Color: Blue
Type of Confetti: Holi Powder
Distance Confetti Shoots: 25 Feet
Length: 18 Inch
Uses Air Co2 Cartridges: Yes
Weight: 150 grams of holi powder

One time use only. Twist firmly to launch powder.

Powder cannons are a type of handheld confetti launcher powered by co2, but instead of launching confetti they shoot colored powder that looks like smoke.

Take Note:
There is no indication of the color besides a sticker on the bottom of the cannon. Beaware it’s possible there is some powder on the packaging, that can be easily cleaned off. Completely safe, non-toxic, made of rice, water soluble and ready to use by twisting.

1 qty per ordered.

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