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Blue Glow Drinking Straws Pack of 25


  • 🌊 Bright Blue Barry is your ultimate party companion! As a part of the fantastic Blue Glow Party Straws for Light Drinks, it’s here to make a splash at your gatherings.
  • 💡 Barry shines bright without the need for batteries, making it a hassle-free addition to your parties. No power? No problem!
  • 🌠 These Glow Stick Drinking Straws aren’t just sticks; they’re like mini galaxies, turning your drink into an interstellar experience.
  • 💪 Weighing only 0.022 lbs, Barry is a light-as-air addition to your drinkware, adding glow without the weight.
  • 🍹 To activate Barry’s glow, all you need to do is give it a crack, shake it, and drop it in your drink. Instant party vibes!
  • 🎈 Perfect for glow parties, nightclubs, beach parties, BBQs, or any event that needs a pop of color and a dash of fun!
  • 🍸 These straws don’t just glow, they transform your drinks. Watch as your cocktails turn from ordinary to extraordinary!
  • 💙 With a bright, electrifying blue glow, these straws add a unique, fun touch to your parties.
  • 🎉 Comes in packs of 25, so you can spread the joy around. Every drink deserves a glow!
  • 💡 These glow straws don’t rely on LED lights, ensuring a longer-lasting glow for your parties.
Quantity Price
1 $14.69
2 $14.64
3 $14.49
4 $14.29
5 $13.99
6 $13.89
7 $13.79
8 $13.69
9+ $13.49

Hello there, I’m Bright Blue Barry, the standout straw from the sea of ordinary straws. 🌊 As a part of the elite Blue Glow Party Straws for Light Drinks, I’m here to add a dash of neon blue to your drink, and a dash of excitement to your party. 🍹

When it comes to Glow Stick Drinking Straws, it’s not just about the glow, it’s about the color too. I’m not just any glow stick, I’m a bright blue beam of fun, ready to dive into your drinks and brighten up your parties. 🌌

No batteries? No problem! Who needs batteries when you’ve got the power of glow within? Just crack the glow along my length, give me a good shake, drop me into your drink, and voila! Your ordinary cocktail is now an extraordinary spectacle. 🍸

And here’s the cherry on top, or should I say, the glow on top: I come in Packs of 25 Glow Straws. That’s 25 times the fun, 25 times the glow, and 25 times the joy. Who knew a straw could bring so much happiness? 😄

I don’t just belong at a nightclub, or at glow parties. With me, Bright Blue Barry, the party follows wherever you go. From backyard BBQs to beach bonfires, I’m always ready to light up the night. So, are you ready to glow with me? 🥳