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Black and White Checkered Bow Tie with White LED Lights


🕺 Make a striking statement with Amaro, boasting a classic 4.5″ x 2.75″ checkered pattern illuminated by brilliant white LED lights. 🏁💫

🕺 Dance the night away with a bow tie equipped with non-replaceable batteries, ensuring your light never dims on the dance floor. 🕺🔋

🕺 A single press of a button hidden behind a red sticker ignites a trio of light modes to match your evening’s rhythm. 🔴🎶

🕺 The blink function on Amaro mimics a playful wink, perfect for catching glances across a crowded room. 😉✨

🕺 Opt for the flash setting to become the pulsating soul of the prom, drawing every eye with your rhythmic glow. 💃🚨

🕺 Embrace the steady mode for an unchanging luminescence that reflects your consistent charm throughout the event. 🌟😎

🕺 Amaro’s adjustable strap promises a snug fit for any neck, ensuring inclusive fashion for all prom-goers. 👌👥

🕺 The iconic black and white checkered design meets modern flair with embedded white LED lights, adding a dash of fun to formality. 🎲🌟

🕺 No need to worry about power; Amaro comes with long-lasting batteries, keeping your style lit from dusk till dawn. 🌙🔋

🕺 Amaro is not just a bow tie; it’s a wearable beacon of personality, ready to illuminate your unique style at any soirée. 🎀🔦

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.09
3-5 $4.04
6-11 $3.99
12-71 $3.94
72-143 $3.89
144-287 $3.79
288-575 $3.69
576-1007 $3.59
1008+ $3.49

Say hello to Amaro, the Black and White Checkered Bow Tie with White LED Lights, your ticket to becoming the life of any party, especially a Valentine’s prom! 🏁💡

Don’t be fooled by my checkered past; I’m all about making a bold statement in the present. With my snazzy pattern, I’m not just a bow tie; I’m a conversation starter, a dance floor magnet, and the best-dressed award’s most wanted. 🎩🏆

Crafted for all, my adjustable strap is the democracy of fashion—fitting necks from the daintiest to the most robust. So, whether you’re a child, man, or woman, get ready to strut with confidence. 🌟👔

Sleek in size at 4.5″ x 2.75″, I’m the Goldilocks of accessories: not too big, not too small, but just right. And with my non-replaceable batteries, I’m your long-term partner in shine. ✨🔋

On my back, a little red sticker is your secret to a bright night; press it and watch me go from a subtle blink to a playful flash to a steady beam of charisma. 💃🕺

Choose the blink to mimic the twinkling stars, flash to be the heartbeat of the prom, or steady to be the undying flame of the evening. Whichever you pick, I’m here to dazzle. ✨❤️️

I’m Amaro, not just a checkered bow tie, but your personal spotlight. So, why fit in when you were born to stand out? Especially on a night where love is in the air, and you, my friend, are its shining knight. 🏁🌹

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