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Flashing Beer Mug Tall


🍺 Illuminate your ale with a trio of LED hues: Red, Blue, and Green, making your beer the centerpiece of any celebration. 🍺🌈

🍺 Easy power-up with 3 replaceable AAA batteries, ensuring the glow of your festivities never dims. 🔋✨

🍺 Generously proportioned with dimensions of 5 inches by 6.60 inches, this mug is crafted for the thirsty. 📐🍻

🍺 A voluminous 28 oz capacity, ready to hold a king’s ransom of your preferred brew. 🍺👑

🍺 Just flip the switch under the base to ignite a flashing frenzy of lights in your lager. 💡🔛

🍺 The LED Beer Mug is not shy of a hand wash, just keep it away from the dishwasher’s splash. 🚫💦

🍺 Keep your mug’s electronic base dry and clean for a non-stop luminous experience. 🛁🚫

🍺 Durable and designed for repeat performances, this mug’s batteries are a cinch to switch. 🔁🔋

🍺 Sturdy construction meets electric excitement, with a mug that’s both practical and party-ready. 🎉🍺

🍺 An LED base that doesn’t quit, ensuring every sip comes with a personal light show. 🌟🥂

Quantity Price
1-2 $5.89
3-5 $5.84
6-8 $5.79
9-11 $5.69
12-47 $5.59
48-95 $5.49
96-239 $5.39
240-479 $5.29
480+ $5.19

🍺 “Hello there! I’m Tallie, the life of every party and the brightest mug in the room—literally! Let me illuminate your brews with my LED sparkle, turning your average beer into a disco drink. 🕺

🎉 I’m the perfect plus-one for any shindig, especially at Oktoberfest, where I outshine even the most dazzling lederhosen. With me, every day’s St. Patrick’s Day, but without the need for green dye in your beer! 🌈

💡 Decked out in Red, Blue, and Green LEDs, I’m not just a mug; I’m a portable light show that fits 28 oz of your favorite frothy delight. Flip my switch, and watch me blink in delight, cheering on your every sip! 🎇

🔋 I come with 3 AAA batteries, and guess what? They’re replaceable, so our party never has to stop. Just remember, I’m a hand wash-only kind of mug. Keep me away from that dishwasher like it’s a tavern brawl! 🚫🧼

📏 At 5″ x 6.60″, I’m the tall, dark, and handsome type—if you’re into plastic and LEDs, that is. And when it comes to volume, I’m your hunk of burnin’ love, holding enough beer to make Elvis proud. 🕺🍺

🚫 To keep me flashing (the lights, not in a trench coat way), gently wash me by hand and keep my base dry—batteries don’t like baths, after all! 🛁

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party glowing! Bring home a Tallie, because nobody likes a dull drink. 🌟”